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Good Food

Today was my second day at work after that long break. I am supposed to feel refreshed for work, but I am not, not yet. I had the intention to finish up my qada, but I had to attend two open houses, one yesterday and another one today. The one that I attended today was extremely special. This colleague of mine invited only six of his friends. Closest friends. The food was so good. His wife cooked biriyani rice. It was awesome. I wished I could cook like that.

The kids are sleeping. They are still having the fever. Hopefully they will get better soon. It hurts to see them feeling uncomfortable the whole day. Anyway, I must start fasting tomorrow.. Insya Allah!! And another thing, I must focus on my work!! Stop procrastinating!


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A Good Rest

Eid Mubarak and Happy Deepavali. I had a good rest. For one whole week. Time well-spent with the family and especially my kids. One day before Eid, we went shopping. Since we didn’t have time to actually make our own like we used to, we decided to buy them. It was good, and cheap, although they didn’t taste as good as if we made them ourselves.

The first day of Eid brought back so many bitter sweet memories. I cried a lot. And I meant it when I said I was sorry, especially to my parents and husband. We never fought since then. The journey back to Abang’s hometown was good. The kids behaved themselves well. A lot of his relatives were commenting that the kids have grown so much. The last time we brought them back was exactly a year ago! The second day of Eid, was spent at mom’s hometown. They cooked good food. Really good. So I spent the whole day eating.

My big brother came home on the fourth day of Eid. So the house was full again. The kids were happy to see their cousins that they refused to sleep!

But, so much for Eid celebrations… I learnt something new this Eid. Purchase a Touch-N-Go card and reload it so that it doesn’t take you long to queue when paying tolls!!

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Bad Travelling Day

I have never experienced a traffic jam that was as bad as yesterday. It started raining around 1.30 p.m. while I was on my way from the training center to the hotel. I thought I’d take a rest since my other half wanted to pray and we had to check out of the hotel anyway. After the event was over, we were contemplating whether we should drive back straight to our hometown or, go on with our original plan to drop by at one of the shopping centers.Well, we got stuck in the jam for nearly 2 hours. It normally takes us about 15 minutes from the training center to that particular shopping center.. but because it was raining, it took us 2 hours! Bad day. We even had our iftar in the car. What a test. And worse still, I didn’t find what I was looking for. Then, we wanted to have some food at one of our favourite restaurants – and it was full! We had to queue!! For another 15 minutes!! I was already half dead at that time.

But Alhamdullilah, my other half was strong enough to calm me down. So, after dinner and some shopping, we left. We got stuck in another jam but we managed to get through it quite calmly and we reached home after midnight. How we missed the twins!!!

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I guess the rain was very heavy during the weekend. I came into office this morning and I smelt something really bad. I thought that someone had left a pair of used stockings in the office. But when I reached my cubicle, Allah! it was all wet! It was good that the maintenance department came to rescue almost immediately.And now I am sitting at my PC with the dustbin next to me (to collect the water that drops from the ceiling). The guys are fixing it now so I hope that the ceiling does not collapse.

Darn. A big test during puasa month!

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