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New Year Resolution

My best friend sent me an SMS this morning which reads like this:

IMPORTANT! For men only….

Resolution for 2005 – Must listen to wife more because she gives sound advice….

99% sound and 1% advice.

And I was reminded by this cute pic I received sometime ago……

Men will always be men…………..

Happy new year my dear friend!


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Malaysians have been very generous in giving donations. For the tsunami victims, almost RM10 million have been collected from various organizations and individuals. Hopefully, these collections would be able to relief them of their predicaments.However, as I was watching the news on TV tonight, I seriously felt that some of our local politicians were taking advantage of the situation. I mean, why must we focus so much on who donates what and how much.. and how caring our politicians are, going around the country and giving donations to the victims. Isn’t that what they are supposed to do anyway? They rule the country, and they have been given the amanah to take care of our wellbeing. Never mind.. I shouldn’t be suspicious of their intentions anyway. May Allah forgive me.

But I cried again tonight when I watched the news. It was so heartbreaking. They managed to capture the tsunami effect in Sri Lanka. The waves were so strong and a family of about six I think (one mom and five kids) were hanging on to one of the perished houses. The sad part was when the kids got carried away by the strong waves, one by one. Can anyone imagine how the mother would have felt? To see your children dying, one by one while you yourself are so helpless?? I couldn’t. I would rather be the first to die so that I don’t have to watch them die! Allah, please give them strength if they survive.. or grant them jannah if they have lost their lives!

To all Malaysians, keep the donations coming in!

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Although I am not a fan of the current Malaysian government, I must congratulate Pak Lah for directing everyone to cancel the New Year celebration. Someone finally managed to speak some sense into him. This is not the time for celebration. If we are not sympathetic, at least be emphatic.

I read with tears in my eyes the story of the parents whose child was a victim of tsunami. I pray that Allah gives them reward for their patience. And I cannot avoid but recall back on the ‘tragic’ death of one of my cousins. She was just 7, and she started school that particular year. She has an older brother whom she rides on the school bus with everyday. That sad day, her brother forgot to hold her hand while crossing the road and she accidently dropped her bag. When she tried to pick the bag up, the bus ran over her. And she died on the spot. Her brother took about three years to get over it.

Of course, the life of a child is irreplaceable, but her mom gave birth to another daughter two years after that and they gave her a name which was almost similar to her.. Allah is great.. He took from them a child, and gave them another one.

No celebrations this year, but new year is still there. So Happy New Year everyone.

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Everyone would have heard about it by now. The earthquake is Sumatra to me, is a sign of warning from Him. Of course, my heart goes out to those who are badly affected by the earthquake, and Al Fatihah to all my brothers and sisters who have lost their lives. But.. life is a test.. so, I pray that Allah grant them strength to go through this turmoil. It is always easier said than done though..

Allah.. grant us forgiveness….

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Weddings to Remember

Merry Christmas to all my Christian friends. And Happy Holidays to the rest of us.

My neighbour (three doors away) had a wedding celebration for her son today. Everyone nearby was invited including us. I went with the twins, but since my significant other had to work overtime today, it wasn’t much fun. It has been awhile since I last went to a wedding ceremony.

Traditionally, wedding ceremonies for the Malays are very special occasions. Although the actual wedding ceremony itself, or the akad nikah, where the bride and groom say their vows, is a simple ceremony which takes about one hour to complete, the ceremony after takes longer.. sometimes for as long as three days! Of course, Islamically, the akad nikah will be sufficient to ‘legalise’ the marriage, but the Malays have a special way of celebrating it. Some people consider this ‘extravaganza’ a waste of time and money, but to me, it is more than just celebrating the marriage. It is during this time that families reunite, and the true spirit of teamwork shows. Long lost relatives, cousins, aunts and uncles reunite and each family member gets reminded that they are actually a big family.

It is often said that there are two occasions where long-lost families get to meet each other; one of them is during the death of a family member, and the other one during a wedding ceremony. One would of course prefer to meet other family members (some of which they have never met in their lifetime) during joyous occasions, right?

This neighbour’s wedding ceremony was a true Malay wedding. The house was actually full, and I saw a lot of happyy faces there. They made a lot of noise that actually disturbed this ever-so-quiet neighbourhood.. but I guess they are all forgiven since it doesn’t happen everyday.

And suddenly I remembered the day when I got married…. It was a beautiful occasion.. which I will cherish for the rest of my life…..

Life is beautiful, isn’t it?

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What I Hate Most

I am feeling much better today after that well-deserved MC yesterday. But I still feel I should stay home another day. Because if I didn’t come today, I wouldn’t have to attend the meeting. And if I didn’t attend the meeting today, I would not get this headache.

I hate being asked to defend the same thing over and over again. Funny. Didn’t they remember it from last year? And the question was from the same person!! I should have recorded my statement today and replay it again during the next meeting next year.

Life is sometimes just extremely challenging..

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I feel horrible. I wish I could go back home and get some sleep. The twins had fever last night, they felt uncomfortable and refused to sleep. But here I am, on a Monday morning, trying to keep awake in front of the PC.

And there are so many things to do today.

Allah.. Help me get through the day!

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