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I was greeted this morning with a very gloomy face at work. My colleague was in a very bad mood after having a huge fight with her husband. She was nearly into tears.

You might say to me.. well, so what? Every couple would, fight or have arguments every day or every week or even every year.. What is the big deal?

It is to me. I have been hearing stories about her husband for the past two years. I admit that the guy has a lot of improving to do. But today’s story was the worst.

You see.. she has to work to help her husband with the financial commitments. But she cannot drive, so he has to drive her to work.. which takes about 10 minutes from their home.

Today, he woke up late. He didn’t want to be late for work. He left her at home with the two kids, drove to work and told her to take the bike to work. He told her he didn’t have time to send her.

I just cannot accept that. How can you say that your wife is wasting your time? God! She is helping to pay for the rent, the bills, the nursery..

He is crazy. I personally think that she should leave the husband. He is just not worth waiting for. I hope she can cope with all this nonsense.

I am so glad my husband loves me. And I will love him even more after this.


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My Car

I have been driving a Toyota Unser for the past 10 months.

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It is a great car, and is very comfortable too. Especially when I bring all of them with me… mom, dad, husband, kids. If husband is around, he’d drive the car otherwise, I would. But, the fuel consumption is very uneconomical. So far for 35 litres of petrol, would only get me 350 kms. Which is not much compared to my old car, the Proton Wira. But I guess, since I use it for the family, it is justifiable. And the service at Toyota has been wonderful.

Yesterday though, my friend went to the showroom to have a look at the Unser but the salesman told him that they have stopped producing Unsers and they are going to replace it with a new car!! That is not good news to me. Not after I had just bought the car in June 2004.

What is even worse is if this new car is going to look nicer.. Darn!

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I got so pissed off with my husband’s boss last night. He was on the night shift for the past four days, and according to the normal work schedule, he’d have a three day rest before he starts on the morning shift.

But last night, some ‘smart’ guy i.e. my husband’s boss called him up at 6.30 pm while we were having so much fun with the kids.

Boss: “I need you to work tonight, we don’t have enough people”.

Husband: “Oh dear.. Can you find someone else? I have promised my family that I’d take them out for dinner tonight.”

Boss: “But I need you here. The production rate is quite slow. Can you take your family out tomorrow night?”

Husband: “Uhh… umm.. (looks at me)… okay. But I’d be slightly late, say 9 pm. Is that ok?”

Boss: “Good, see you then.”

Me: “How could you agree???”

Husband: “I had to. He is the boss.”

Me: “Remind me to hit him with the car the next time I see him.”

And I was again, sleeping alone last night.. missing my husband.

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Facts of Life

I have never felt this lonely before. My significant other has been on the night shift for the past few days.. and I miss him so dearly. I don’t know if I can stand another night without him next to me..Meanwhile.. For the past week, I have been doing a lot of surfing on the net. I discovered quite a number of blogs which talks about love and relationships. Call me naive, but I am terrified to see the number of marriages failing and married couples getting divorced. Really, it is scary. But this things are just facts of life. People fall in love, out of love, get married, get divorced, have extra-marital affairs….

I do have fights with my husband, some which are serious ones … but although I do sometimes say that getting a divorce maybe a good thing (especially when things get out of hand).. deep down in my heart, I know it is not true. I mean, I struggle to get through the nights without my husband by myside.. how can I ever get through the nights and days without him by myside? Furthermore, I always believe that a happy family becomes the foundation of a successful society. Therefore, more than ever, I am determined to make my marriage work, no matter what it takes. I am so determined to be a good wife. I know I have a wonderful husband.

Unless of course, the AlMighty has other plans for me.. Allah, please show me the way…

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Today was such an unproductive day for me. I arrived 5 minutes late this morning, and when I walked into the office I suddenly felt so burnt out after working so hard for the past few weeks. So I decided to have some fun with my colleagues. We switched on the radio and listened to some music until lunch… And I couldn’t believe how refreshed I was after that!

Thank you boss, for not checking out on us the whole day! Life is great!

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I have decided to change the look of my blog. I was getting bored with the old template. I think this one looks much better.

How I wish I had more time to learn new things. Particularly how to design webpages!

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It is my father-in-law’s 56th birthday. We decided not to celebrate it today, but this coming Sunday since everyone is so busy at work.

And I have been requested by my sis-in-law to bake my famous “moist chocolate cake”.

Well, I don’t mind doing it. But I don’t think I’ll be doing it wholeheartedly.

No, don’t get me wrong. I don’t hate that man. Its just that there are a few things that he has done that I can never forget.

My late mother-in-law loved him unconditionally. But he betrayed her trust. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1995, he secretly married another. It is not wrong. I cannot say it is wrong since Islam has allowed it. But, what I consider wrong is him marrying her when his first wife was suffering and dying of cancer. I think that is so cruel. Would it be too much if he refrained from doing so until she dies? She needed him to be at her side. God, she was dying!

Of course, my late mom-in-law was too good a person. She was so patient through it all. She found out about the marriage, but no one else knew. Not even the kids. Not my husband or his sisters. But she confided in me, who at that time was only engaged to her son. She pretended that nothing took place. And she made me promise not to tell her children. I just couldn’t see her suffering. It was so painful.

And one week after she died a peaceful death, my dad-in-law brought home the new wife to the house, much to the shock of the children.

I still cannot find the heart to forgive him. Not today. Not now. Not tomorrow. Maybe some years from now. Or maybe not.

To my dearest mom-in-law.. Rest in peace.. Al Fatihah and may Allah reward your patience. We miss you.

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