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Today, Malaysia celebrates her 48th Independence Day.

And today, is also my 5th wedding anniversary. I cannot believe how much time flies. There have been so many good times, and of course some rough times. But then, my love for my husband still stands strong, and is probably getting stronger each day. Thank you Allah, for giving me this beautiful gift.

And now I remember the reason why we chose 31st August to get married… so that each year, our wedding anniversary falls on a public holiday! Good move! We should be going out for dinner tonight, and my kids get to spend 3 – 4 hours with their grandparents while we’re out.

To my other friends who chose this very same day to get married (I know at least 6 of them), Happy Anniversary.

I pray to Allah for a wonderful and fulfilling life ahead…..


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This is a very interesting reminder to all Muslims. I know a lot of Muslims religiously follow the 7 Habits which was written by Stephen Covey, but then, this is a million times better.

Allah is great. Thanks sister.

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Going Back to Old Habits

I am really into the mood of reading novels lately. Judith McNaught used to be my favourite author, but she hasn’t written any new ones lately. So, I have started reading Malay novels, which I have not done in a very long, long time.Norhayati Berahim is becoming one of my favourite Malay novelists. I already have 3 of her novels; Hati Seorang Wanita (The Heart of a Woman) and Nota Cinta Buatmu (A Love Note for You), which I have read more than 2 times each; and I recently bought Cinta Pertama (First Love), which I should start reading by next week.

This morning, I bought two more books. One is Membina Hati Bahagia (How to Build a Happy Heart) which is a motivational book written by a very well known motivator in Malaysia, Dr Tuah Iskandar. To tell you the truth, I used to be so sceptical about him. I thought that he was just like any other motivator who takes people’s money in return for some words of wisdom. But I was so wrong. It started when I bought a book titled Hatimu Untuk Siapa (Who is Your Heart For?) written by him. I didn’t actually notice that it was written by him. But after reading it (in a record time of 3 hours), I fell in love with it. I could feel the sincerity in him. And that was what made me bought Membina Hati Bahagia.

Anyway, the other book that I bought was a two-in-one novel by Sheila O Flanagan. So far so good. Suddenly Single has been exciting enough to make me continue reading. I will update my review of both books once I am over with reading them. The next question is, if I have time to read novels, when am I going to start writing up my PhD proposal???

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O Allah, the Most Gracious and Most Merciful..
Thank you for giving me a second chance..
Thank you for opening our hearts to make it good this time around…
Thank you for all the love that you have given us..

O Allah, the Most Forgiving and Most Compassionate
Guide us to the right path..
Give us the strength to obey you in all aspects of life..
Fill our hearts with love for You and only You…
Fill our souls with love for our Rasul, Muhammad saw

O Allah, our life is in Your hands
Bless us in this world and in the world hereafter…


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Someone once said to me, “Watch your words.. because once you’ve said it, its out there, and you can never take it back.”

I regret not reminding myself of her words. Clear and precise. But yesterday, I lost my mind. I had a big fight with someone I really love. And I had said some very extremely hurtful words that broke his heart. He really hated me for that.

But then… there is no point regretting things. It had happened. And as I cried myself to sleep last night, I vowed to Allah that if he ever forgives me for what I have done, and if he could love me again… I will not say things that I will regret again. Not ever.

I feel as if there is no hope left for me. And I have no other ways and means to remedy things but all I can do is pray to Allah that he forgives me.

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This love is unbreakable
It’s unmistakeable
And each time I look in your eyes
I know why
This love is untouchable
I feel that my heart just can’t deny
Each time you whisper my name
Oh baby, I know why
This love is unbreakable

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Fool Again

Have you ever felt that the whole world is against you? Have you ever felt that no matter how hard you try to make things right, they will always go wrong? Have you ever felt like a huge failure in life?

I was on my way to work this morning, driving along quite calmly listening to Westlife’s “Fool Again” when suddenly all the bitter memories came into my mind. There was this incident at work during our bimonthly meeting which really got to me. We were discussing an issue when suddenly my superior questioned my actions. I did follow the rules, but he had an idea that I didn’t. He raised his voice at me. It wouldn’t have been so bad if it was just me and him in his room or in my office, but because it was in front of everyone, that made it extraordinarily bad. And suddenly I felt so useless.. And to know that it wasn’t my mistake at all!

I tried to remind myself that this was all part and parcel of the corporate world. Someone would have to take all the blame regardless of whose mistake it was. But then again, why does that person have to be me??

I should be updating my resume more frequently now. Maybe once my contract is over, there will be opportunities elsewhere for me. Better ones hopefully. Or maybe, I should start planning on setting up my own business. Which means I would have more time with my kids. Sounds good. I should seek some advice from those who have successfully set up their own businesses.

Until then… life still must go on. So I should get back to work!

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