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Feeling Amazed

I am more than amazed. There IS internet connection here. AND it is wireless. Even the place where I work does not have wireless connection. This is supposed to be an underdeveloped country. When I arrived at the international airport yesterday evening, I thought that I had just gone back 20 years because the airport had practically nothing. We had to take a bus to the terminal. And yet, they have wireless internet connection.

I have taken some pictures and here are some images of the place where I am at now.

Cool huh?


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I am sitting here at KLIA at one of the business class lounges. No, this is not my first time, but I am enjoying it very much despite the fact that I am missing my twins terribly. The younger one cried hysterically (well, almost) when she saw me boarding the plane and of course, the elder one was comforting her. My mother rang me to tell me that the elder one kept saying to the younger one, “mom’s going to work.. please don’t cry!” I held back my tears, I didn’t want them to feel sad. Besides, I won’t be gone for long.. only 7 days! (but it would definitely feel like 7 years!!)In two days time, this blog will be one year old. I am not sure if the destination where I am headed has internet connection, but if it doesn’t, Happy 1st Birthday to Maryam’s Daily Musings.

Pray that I have a safe journey!

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Tiada Lagi Tangisan….

On my way to work this morning, my favourite radio station, ERA, played this song on the radio. Tiada Lagi Tangisan is sang by Aishah, who has been in the Malaysian music industry since the 80s. It literally means No More Tears… I love the tune. I love the lyrics. To me, it kinda reflects on Aishah’s own life… This song basically says that I have gone through so much pain, so I should stop feeling sad. There is no more need to hope.. leave me alone as I need to go on with my life..

kini telah lama kita berpisah

rintihan asmara kian berubah

tiada lagi mengharap

tiada lagi belaian manja mu

semua telah berakhir

ketenangan hidup menyinariku

keperitan cinta terlerai sudah

tabah dengan hati luka nan berduri

ku mengenali siapakah diriku

yang sebenarnya

tiada lagi tangisan

tiada lagi air mata

membasahi jiwa luka

yang tinggallah hanya memori duka

semuanya diduga

pertemuan kali ini takkan berkekalan

berakhirlah istana bahagia

biarkan daku hidup kesorangan

tak perlu lagi cinta yang menghiris luka

titisan air mata kini kekeringan

tak perlu menabur kasihmu

dan kini tertutup jendela harapan ini

kau yang menanti ke pangkuan aku

semua takdir yang telah ku temu

akan ku rela segalanya tanpa mu

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These past few days have been extraordinarily tiring for me. There is so much to do, and yet so little time. I only have 2 more days left before I leave for a one-week business trip overseas. I wish I had more time. No, I wish I had more time with my kids!

Then again… work means commitment, and therefore, I cannot say no.

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The Smell?

I was reading a really interesting article this morning about the effects of men’s body odour on women. They did a study in a university in the US on a few women. How they did it was they took some samples of men’s body odour (especially from the armpits) and tested it on a few selected women. These women weren’t informed that those were the body odour of the men, instead they were told that the smell was for a new perfume. Surprisingly, the effect was that the women felt more calm, and it actually made them more relaxed.

The funny thing though is that, I have always loved the smell of my husband’s body odour especially if he hugs me under his armpits before going to bed. I have never spoken to anyone about this before, but after reading that research outcome, I guess I couldn’t agree more. To me, that is the beauty of Allah’s creation. Men and women are created to complement each other. And one of the ways for a harmonious relationship between a man and a woman is probably through these things. It may be insignificant to some people, but to others, like myself, it feels damn good to be able to sleep soundly every night with your beloved husband next to you.. and forgetting all the stress from work!

By the way, my husband is on night shift tonight. And I am feeling so stressed at the moment. I will be travelling overseas next week for one week, and I would definitely miss him and the kids. I guess I would really have to spend a lot of time under his armpits once he finishes the night shift and before I leave so that I won’t feel so upset! LOL!!!

PS: My friend’s husband decided to leave that lady, end all types of communication with her, and concentrate on the family. Allah has granted her prayers! Subhanallah!

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What do you do when you find out that your husband is getting very close with another woman at work? And that he and the other lady have already confessed to each other that they have some kind of chemistry between them?

My best friend asked me this question last night. I was stunned.

I told her that I have no answer to her question.

What WOULD any normal wife do??? What would I do if this happened to me????

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It does take a while to get over the loss of a loved one. I have been keeping busy, but once in awhile, the visions of him keep coming back to me.

Today is already the 13th of September. How time flies! Currently, we are tight up with the preparation for the upcoming event. Everyone seems to be so busy. It should be a fun time for the whole family, considering that we have to spend so much for it. Mind you, it has been a while since we’ve had something like this take place. Everyone is looking forward to the event.. happening!!!

Anyway, they have planned for some games. The whole group will be divided into 4 teams, and they have given some really lousy names for it! Shucks!!! I have always hated racing. And I just don’t feel like part of the team. McLaren? BMW? Yikes! They should have gone for something like Barney or BJ or Baby Bob… (God, my twins have been watching Barney every second and I am beginning to sound as if I like it too!!!!!)

And the theme song keeps hovering over my head… Barney is a dinosaur from our imagination….. lalalala….


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