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Can you believe this??

I received a surprise phone call yesterday, at around 11 am, just right after I finished presenting a proposal to my Management Committee. It was N, my best friend. She used to be my subordinate in 2000 – 2001, but there were only two of us in my department that we became so close. She left the company in the next year, because she had found a better job nearer to where she lives.

Anyway, the last time I met N, was in 2002, when I was 4 months pregnant. She was then, filing for divorce from her husband. I was actually happy for her when I heard that, because her husband is always known to have affairs with various women. And he tends to use psychology to torture her, by accusing N of having affairs with other men. I think he was trying to make N feel lousy. I hated him since the first day I met him. There are a lot of other things that he’d done that I simply cannot write.

When N told me yesterday that they were officially divorced in 2003, I simply said “Alhamdulillah”. Her husband beat her (I think that was the first time) in January 2003, and she fell into a coma for 3 days. Hospitalized for two weeks, she went on to fight for her divorce. He promised to pay her nafkah for their four children, but ever since he remarried, those payments have stopped.

Surprisingly, N had also remarried to a Muslim convert from the US. Truly, I am so happy to hear that. I am even happier to hear that he is able to protect her since her ex-husband keeps on sending messages to her using hurtful words. He even calls her a prostitute, and now, he is contesting that their four kids are actually not his. Can you believe it? He is such a b******! I mean, these are Muslims you are talking about. You have lived with your wife for nearly 13 years, had four beautiful kids, and now you are saying that she hasn’t been faithful?? That is the biggest fitnah, and the worst that anyone could make!!!!!! I told N to take their children for a DNA test. At least to protect her dignity.

I am meeting N on Monday since I will be in KL. I just cannot wait.

Subhanallah.. Allah is the greatest protector!

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The Success

I received an email from my boss on Thursday.. “Thank you to everyone who made our effort to …… successful. Especially to ….. who presented our proposal to the board via the impeccable slide presentation (kudos to …. ). My name was mentioned. I have never been so happy. Usually, when we present things to the board, it would have to be more than once. Everyone admits that our board is the most difficult to get through. But alhamdullilah… this is all a blessings from Allah. I know for a fact that my CEO actually did solat hajat before the board meeting to ensure that everything goes well. So, alhamdullillah again. Everything went well. And I spent Thursday, doing unimportant things at the office because I felt so burnout after Wednesday night.

Anyway, my mom’s elder brother was admitted to the Ipoh General Hospital on Thursday evening. He was actually going for his monthly check-up when the doctor suspected that he had a minor heart attack. My husband and I rushed home after work to visit him. Of course, he looks okay. The thing that really caught my eye was how accurate these people can be. His age was written as 69.9 years old. Whatever that means. He is getting better, and my brother has made a special request for him to sent to IJN for further checkup. I pray that he gets better soon.

And today, is a Saturday. And I am resting at home with my kids. Have completed most of my work so I can concentrate on my kids.

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I miss writing

I miss writing. Lately, things have gotten so hectic that I leave office at 8 p.m. everyday. This is getting from bad to worse. Yesterday was the worst since my boss and I were stuck at the office until 9.00 p.m. trying to complete the presentation for the Board meeting which is today. And I am glad everything is over. Alhamdulillah. And I pray everything goes well today after all the hard work that we did. Hopefully the Board understands what we are trying to bring forward. Good Luck Boss.

Anyway, just to highlight that my last posting was on the 3rd of February, about 12 days ago. A lot of things have been happening since then. The first thing I remember – Anugerah Juara Lagu when Mawi won Best Performance and Best Song under the Etnik Kreatif category. My own personal feeling, his vocal improved tremendously. He is now more confident, and his dancing skills also improved. Congratulations Mawi.

My twin girls are now 2 years and 6 months. They are getting smarter now. They used to watch Barney only, but now they prefer Jurassic Park, and even Harry Porter. And I feel like such a lousy mom. I have been too busy with work, and I can only spend about 3 hours with them upon returning home from work. I try to spend more time with them during the weekend but then, my mind is too occupied with work that sometimes I miss what they are trying to say to me. They can say, “Mama, jalan baik-baik, nanti jatuh, sakit” (walk carefully or you’ll fall) or “Mama, minum duduk, jangan berdiri” (don’t stand while drinking) or “Mama, nak mandi swimming pool”. Allah.. they are growing up so fast that I am getting scared!!
Abang has been working hard too. He even had to work last weekend as the auditors were at the office. So, I actually miss spending time together as a family.

Meanwhile I finished reading 3 novels last week. I find it hard to sleep now, so I try to read some novels to make me feel sleepy. But.. it doesn’t really help though. I have read Ramlee Awang Murshid’s Bagaikan Puteri, Izzul Izzati’s Bukan Cinta Biasa and Norhayati Berahim’s Dia Lebih Mengerti. I am getting hooked with Malay novels now so I am going to the bookshop again this weekend to get more books! :)!

And I hate work now. It is just so demanding. There are so many things to do, and yet everyone is expecting you to do everything. But I am surviving.

I also learnt something new… The Survival of Human Being is Not Determined by Its Strength, but Determined by Its Sensitivity to Changes.

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Telah ku mungkiri janjiku lagi ..
Walau seribu kali..
Ku ulang sendiri ..
Aku takkan tempuh lagi
Apakah kau terima cintaku lagi
Setelah ku berpaling..

Dari pandangan Mu
Yang kabur kerna jahilnya aku
Mengapa cinta Mu tak pernah hadir
Subur dalam jiwa ku..

Agarku tetap bahagia
Tanpa cintaku tetaplah Kau di sana
Aku tanpa cinta Mu ..

Bagai layang-layang terputus talinya
Masihkah ada sekelumit belas..

Mengemis kasih Mu Tuhan..
Untukku berpaut dan bersandar
Aku di sini kan tetap terus mencuba
Untuk beroleh cinta Mu
Walau ranjaunya menusuk pedih..

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