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2 more days to go

There are only 2 more days left before this major change takes place at work. It would definitely affect me badly, and I am not sure how much my work will be affected. But yesterday was the last meeting chaired by my boss, and he was very excited about leaving! Maybe he has had too much of office politics in the last 7 years! Anyway, last Tuesday, we had a presentation and I would remember what my boss said to me for the rest of my life… “Thank you so much for making my last job easy to complete!” I had tears in my eyes. I went to get something for him yesterday night, and after 15 minutes, I decided on a crystal which has a 3-d vision of a person playing golf – maybe to signify that he now has more time and can improve his golfing skills!

Anyway, I spent 2 hours at the KL International Book Fair on Tuesday morning. It may be short but I spent more than $200 buying books for myself and my children. I could have stayed longer (and of course spent more) but my kids were getting tired. Now, these books would keep me busy for the next 3 months at least!


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Well, it looks like I am only able to update my blog once a week now. This has happened two weeks in a row, which is not good. And this is the third time this is happening!

Anyway, I attended a course from Monday – Wednesday this week, on Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. It was part of the common core courses that everyone is the organization must attend. We did even talk about the newest 8th habit that Covey had discovered. All in all, it was a very useful course. But it would only be more useful if we could practice it, not only at work, but at home. During the first day of the course, we were asked to think about our mission in life, what we are here for. And I suddenly felt so lousy. I mean, I have been such a bad muslim. I forget that I am a creation of Allah, and that I am here for one purpose only, that is to serve Him. I should plan on how to improve my life. Hereafter is my destiny!

Something else happened at work when I returned on Thursday. There has been rumours that my boss is about to be replaced by someone else since he has to concentrate on a special project under the vice president’s office. Even he admitted it. I was a bit depressed back then, but he told me that it was bound to happen anyway. But on Thursday, I received news that they have appointed someone to replace him. And that person is someone I don’t really favour. I even have posted my opinion on him some time ago. I was so depressed this time, I hid myself under a table. Shucks! If only people really understand his character! Allah, please protect me!

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Why do people like to point fingers at others when things don’t go as planned? As executors and administrators, there is so much that we can do to make things go right. We’ve reminded, we’ve sent messages, we’ve called, but no one pays attention. And when asked by the CEO, you have the nerve to say that we are not proactive enough?? H*****!!!

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I am getting tired of reading and listening to gossips about Siti Nurhaliza and her “beloved” (i.e. orang yang tersayang). A lot of people are saying that this special person is a certain Datuk K. In fact, Siti’s love life became news – front page! of one of the local newspapers. And today, the said Datuk K was interviewed and the news appeared again in the newspapers. Can we just leave them alone? I am personally a big fan of Siti. And I am happy for her. I should be. Siti has the right to be in love, and she has the right to fall in love with anyone she wishes to. Who cares if the guy is 20 years older? She is the one who is going to share his life, not us! I wish someone would put an end to all these nonsense! We should be more worried about the petrol price! Siti, I hope you stay strong! This is BUKAN CINTA BIASA!!!!

Cintaku bukan diatas kertas
Cintaku getaran yang sama
Tak perlu dipaksa
Tak perlu dicari
Kerna kuyakin ada jawabnya oh…………..

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I wonder…

Is there light at the end of this journey????????

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The price of petrol has gone up again. This time, not 5 or 10 cents, but it is 30 cents. Within one week, the price of every good in every shop on every street in every town will increase as well. My Unser now need more than $100 for a full tank. And if I drive to work everyday, that full tank can only last me 4 days. Can you imagine? It’s a good thing I car pool with my husband now, so the cost is not that bad as his Satria requires half of what I spend on petrol. This is so stressful.

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