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Finally, I get to write something after my twins are asleep. Life has been a bit more challenging ever since my maid left for Indonesia for good. For the time being, we decided not to get a new maid and try and do things on our own. My twins spend their day at my mom’s place so that is not too bad. Only that my mom is not young anymore, and she needs a lot of energy to be able to take care of the two kids. It costs so much to get a maid now, so we are basically saving up to do so in another 2 – 3 months time. I am doing it to actually help my mom and dad, they want to take care of kakak and adik, but at the same time, they get tired easily!

Anyway, these past few days, I have been reading 3 main topics being discussed so openly – the World Cup (I hope France wins!), Siti and Datuk K’s supposed-to-happen-in-August wedding, and Mawi vs fiance-turned-model Diana. Besides the World Cup, the other two topics seem to appear at the front page of every newspaper – English and Malay (and Tamil I heard!) – and seem to get more attention than other news of national interest. The funniest thing I read last week was about the speculation on the cost of the wedding ring that Datuk K had purportedly bought for Siti – nearly half a million! So what?? If he is that rich and is willing to spend that much of money on a wedding ring, so be it! (But if he spent the same amount for the people in Palestin, that would be much better of course). And I personally think that because of the media, Diana is now turning into a model – look at the way she poses in front of the camera! Despite the fact that I should be on Diana’s side since she is a female, my heart goes all out for Mawi. The more stories I hear from Diana, the more Mawi looks good to me!!! Mawi – stay cool!

Work is getting better. I am doing more things that I like now. I still have a lot to learn though, since I have not practised ever since I graduated in 1997. So some of the legal terms do seem a bit alien to me. And my boss, he is just amazing. He is a bit off when it comes to discipline (e.g. coming to work at 9 am when we start at 8!) but he is a very comfortable person to work with.

I spent half-a-day on Friday listening to Suhaimi Sulaiman telling us about event management. Finally, I get to meet him in person after regularly visiting his blog. He is cool, and he can really joke and of course gets his points across. I hope this event that we are organizing will run smoothly as planned.

I am going to stop worrying now. I am going to finish up reading this book that my husband bought for me for my birthday, and sleep soundly tonight. Hope France wins!


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