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 Hanya satu yang ku pinta kebaikan dariNya
Moga dipeliharakan tulus cinta kita
Agar kukuh ikatan yang murni bahagia selamanya
Dengan lafaz pernikahan yang mulia


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It has been nearly one year since I wrote. No, I have not forgotten this blog, neither have I lost the interest to write. I just couldn’t find the time. That is a lame excuse I know, but that is just the truth. Maybe writing was not one of my priorities for the past few months. But I still want to continue this. I promised myself that I would start slow, maybe one entry a week would be good enough… I have also moved to wordpress.com. Blogger.com was an excellent tool, but I just wanted to try something new.

Well, I have so many things to write, that I don’t know where to start..

The most talked about thing now is the marriage of Perak’s (or maybe nation’s) most eligible bachelor, the Raja Muda Perak, Raja Dr Nazrin Shah. As a Perakian, I am extremely happy that finally, he has decided to tie the knot. Most of us have been waiting to see who shall be his bride after all these years. He finally made his choice and the lady is Zara Salim Davidson. Eat your hearts out…. ladies! The guy’s taken! But it is funny though.. there was a time when I had a strong feeling that he would stay unmarried for the rest of his life. But alhamdulillah, the news brought smiles to everyone’s face. Finally, this brilliant graduate from Harvard is getting married. Congratulations Tuanku! Mabruk! I pray that you have an everlasting marriage!

My twins are turning four this August. How they have grown! But kakak is a bit smaller in size compared to adik. Kakak is about 17 kg now, while adik is almost 19 kg. We decided not to send them to preschool yet since they are still young and my parents were so against the idea. So, I started sending them to reading classes using the Bacalah Anakku concept, early this year. It went rather smoothly for the first three months. They were nearly completing Book 3 but kakak suddenly violently refuse going to school. You see, Kakak has a dislike towards strange men and the facilitator’s husband just happened to come back early that day. After a long discussion with my husband, we decided that maybe we should wait a little longer before we send them to any school

Other than that, I am enjoying my working life very much. Almost everyday, I am faced with a new challenge and I always get to learn new things. A supportive boss and some helpful friends really make a difference.

Anyway, just a thought for the day: Leslie Nelson once said, “Doing nothing is very hard to do – you never know when you’re finished

And I say, “Life is short. So, do something worthwhile!”

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