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After two weeks of preparation and hardwork, I finally presented the policy to the Management Committee yesterday. Alhamdulillah, everything went extremely smoothly despite the fact that my ex-boss asked really hard questions which I had trouble answering. And Alhamdulillah also, I think it was because I made it a point to wake up that morning to pray Solat Hajat. Allah listens, always! The next step would be to present the policy to the final approving body, the Board of Directors, which would be next month. Insya Allah, I will work and pray hard to make it go as planned, Amin. It took us almost one year to complete the project! 

Anyway, just before I left for home yesterday evening, I had another unexpected surprise. That ex-boss (who was being difficult in the morning) called me to apologize for making things hard for me in the morning! Apologize!!! Subhanallah. The fact was, I was not offended in any way with his questions. I understood his point of view, and I am willing to make the necessary changes to ensure that we get the best deal. But he called. TO APOLOGIZE!! Imagine my surprise.

My reflections on this: when you are ‘up there’, holding high positions in an organization, never forget where you come from. That would keep you humble always! Afterall, you are only a servant of Allah!

History: This ex-boss of mine used to be an extremely difficult person to work with. He used to be the second man in the organization. He is such a perfectionist that even a missing ‘e’ in a word would make him question your capability! But I worked with him for 6 years, and I learnt so much for him. In fact, I thanked him for being that way because he taught me many things. He made you think before taking an action or saying anything for that matter. He would guide you, and he is a strong believer that if you make a mistake once, that’s acceptable, but not the second time!

Nevertheless, after about 8 years being a boss to everyone, he was ‘brought down’ from his position, and he returned to his original profession. What I notice is that he has changed so much ever since. He has become much nicer, humbler, understanding and most importantly, respectful of others. I mean, HIM apologizing? Wow! That is almost out of question two or three years ago! Alhamdulillah.. every thing that happens is always a blessing from Allah!


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I cannot believe its February already. Time seems to fly so fast now that I feel as if I don’t have anymore time to do anything at all. Of course, Allah has promised that as the judgment day approaches, you would feel that time becomes shorter everyday! Allahu akbar. May Allah accept all our repentance, accept all our deeds and guide us to the right path. 

Last week was challenging. My team presented a paper to the management committee. Before the paper was tabled, I was required to present the outcome of the trip to Cairo and Alexandria in December. It all went smoothly under this particular person walked into the room. I have always found him to be a difficult person to deal with. I have had many arguments with him. I even remember the argument I had with him when I first joined this organization. That was like, 8 years ago!

Anyway, him being himself, he started commenting. Every single thing that we have done, or plan to do is wrong. Nope! Just not good enough. My superior even commented that he is just like a snake.. in every conversation, he will look for others’ mistakes and weaknesses, and comment on it. 

I tried to see his point of view, but it just doesn’t make any sense. I tried to be positive but I couldn’t. But I have never stopped feeling guilty. You see, I know his dad. His dad is a very respectful ustaz in town. Everyone knows this ustaz. I just wonder why he is nothing like his dad.  

.. iman tak dapat diwarisi… dari seorang ayah yang bertakwa… Well, I keep reminding myself of this! 

Meanwhile, Ustaz Ishak Baharom, a mujaddid, returned to his Creator just recently. Al Fatihah.

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