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The younger twin was down with fever for the past few days. On the second visit to the doctor last Tuesday, he advised us to do a blood test. He suspected her of DENGUE! My heart almost stopped. Allah! 

So the next day, Wednesday, we took her to the hospital. My husband couldn’t get the day off so I had to bring my mom along. Alhamdulillah, all praises are due to the Lord of this Universe, Allah s.w.t. The blood test was negative. The fever was due to a viral infection. The best part was when I took her into the small room where the blood sample was to be taken. My mother and the elder twin was waiting outside, praying and crying. I was hugging her in the room, also crying. But this little 4+-year old girl, did not even shed a tear. I hugged her over the whole process, told her repeatedly that it would only hurt a bit, and told her that the pain would go away, and repeatedly read “Bismillah”. She was extremely cooperative and even the nurse (a guy nurse!) who sampled her blood said Alhamdulillah as she didn’t move even a cm! I was so proud of her! 

Anyway, when we left the room, the elder twin was waiting outside crying. She was praying so loudly, “Allah, please save my little sister!” And that made me cry again, I cried so hard!  It is really amazing seeing them together. One minute they are fighting over who gets to get out of the car first or who finishes her milk first.. and now, they are so close, that the hurt one feels is felt by the other. This is the beauty of Allah’s creation!

I am glad everything is over. Adik is getting much better, and she already went to school on Friday. Kakak has been so helpful and being ever ready to take care of adik.

And I, on the other hand, am now struggling to submit my PhD proposal… please pray for me!!


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The Big Challenge in Perak

The 12th General Elections concluded last Saturday with shocking results. I was just too busy celebrating the past few days to update my blog! Alhamdulillah, Allah has heard our prayers. Although I am quite disturbed by the fact that the PAS candidate at my place lost by a mere 348 votes, I am thankful to Allah for all His blessings. As Ustaz Hasrizal mentioned in his blog, each vote that we cast for the opposition – well, we are not opposition anymore, we hold 5 states! – will bring down their extraordinary arrogance down!!!!!  

However, although all the other states have basically ‘settled down’, Perak is still trying to form a government. There have been all sorts of rumours and stories going around – DAP didn’t agree on Ir Nizar, PKR thought they had no seats when they have been allocated 2 exco positions, UMNO leaders trying to ‘buy over’ the PKR candidates, UMNO members wanting to join PAS, the Sultan wanted Lim Kit Siang to apologize – etc, etc. I just do not know what to believe anymore. But sincerely, I pray for the best for this state. The opposition, i.e. we, have gone THIS far. I mean, seriously, who’d ever thought that BN would fall? I kept telling all my friends, we aim to increase our say in the Parliament and we don’t wish to take over at all. But, although we planned, Allah is the best planner afterall!

I hope that the leaders get a concensus fast, appoint the MB and get to work. There is so much that we need to do, and so much wrong done by the BN government that we need to correct and rectify. Who becomes the exco is just a small matter. The rakyat have voted and we want to see our leaders working hand-in-hand to ensure that justice is done. 

The best part in Perak is, we have the most learned Sultan Azlan (the most learned judge ever in Malaysia) and the most brilliant Regent (who holds a PhD from Harvard!). Therefore, the appointment of Ir Nizar who has a strong educational and professional background – will make everything complete!

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Blinded by the Truth?

I was in Kangar over the weekend on a job assignment. It was my first time there. And with elections just around the corner, the roads were filled up with flags from the different parties/coalition. My favourite ustaz, Dato Dr Harun Din will be contesting for the Arau parliamentary seat. I was just reading the Harakah this morning and saw the photo of Harun Din with his brother, Ishak Din and Abu Hassan Din during nomination day!

 Anyway, on the way here, I heard a ‘ceramah’ on radio. This particular ustaz (not sure who he is) was trying to explain why all parties are equal. As long as they are striving for Islam, then we should support them. I laughed. Idiot! I thought. I am clear that PAS strives for Quran and Sunnah, but UMNO? Hello?? I seriously thought he was out of his mind. Has UMNO done anything for Islam except make people confused about it with Islam Hadhari? Do the leaders of UMNO follow Islamic teachings? The Hijab for example. What about integrity? What about honesty? The PM himself told a blatant lie just one day before the Parliament was dissolved! And, any efforts from them to uphold the syariah law? Or hudud? They don’t even respect the ulama’ – look what happened to Almarhum Ishak Baharom! And yet this ustaz is claiming that they are the same. May Allah protect all of us from being blinded from the truth! And the current PM whom everyone seemed to be so proud of – is the son and grandson of the ‘ulamas who actually founded PAS!

 Subhanallah. I pray that Allah guides me all the time.

 I have another story to share. Before we left for Kangar on Friday, my husband and I had breakfast at our favourite Kuay Teow Kicap stall. There were just too many people when we arrived. And obviously there were no empty seats left. So we waited behind the table of an elderly couple who were about to finish. Suddenly, they invited us to sit. We did. We had a chat. They were going to the Land Office. Had breakfast at their favourite place. Both were pensioners. And the conversation went on and on. When they stood up to leave, the husband actually paid for our food. We were stunned. Masya Allah.

 So, lesson learnt. There are still many good people out there. May Allah reward them for their generosity!

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