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Can you believe how time flies? It is May already!


The controversy over the immediate transfer of Datuk Jamry Sury by my Amirul Mu’minin Dato Seri Ir Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin was considered settled after the state government was forced to reinstate Datuk Jamry to his position. Sad to say that the joy over the initial news of the transfer was shortlived. A lot of friends couldn’t understand why I hated… no, disliked, Datuk Jamry. Well, my answer to them is, it is not that I hate or dislike him, I just don’t think he should lead a religious organization with his well-known ‘samseng’ character. For people who know him, or have worked with him would understand what I am trying to say. I think he would be a good leader in other departments, but not Jabatan Agama Islam Perak! The first time I worked with him for a project (alhamdulillah, it was the last one too), I had the shock of my life! How can a person with this character carry the image of Islam? Nevertheless, I still have to respect the decision of Tuanku. But I sincerely hope that some good would come out of all this. !


I was just discussing with my friend the other day about how Ir Nizar is facing so many challenges at the moment. Every single thing that he does is news. I pray that he is careful in whatever he is doing or saying, and that Allah protects him all the time. The Perak Opposition team is not making things easy for him either (well, that is their job!). Of course, as one of my other friend stated, the closer you are to Him, the more tests and tribulations you will face. True enough, the controversies are just neverending. And, my heart goes all out to him.!


Anyway, last week, I came across a nice homeschooling blog here – and I found many tips and tricks on activities to do with your children at home. We started out with finger painting on Saturday and the twins were surely happy with the entire process and of course, the results! 



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