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The PIKOM PC Fair was held at Stadium Indera Mulia Ipoh last weekend. We took the kids on Saturday night. And we arrived quite late – it was nearly 9.00 p.m. when we entered into the hall. As usual, the hall was packed. Everyone was trying to catch the best bargain – including myself.


After much searching, I settled on a 250Gb Western Digital External Hard Disk at a price of RM229. The earlier plan was to get an 80Gb one, but they have all ran out. I didn’t want to come back the next day so I decided on the 250Gb. Personally, at the moment, I am not too sure what I am going to do with 250Gb. In fact, after I transferred all my documents from the laptop, I had only used up 20 Gb!


I also decided to get myself a laptop skin. My 3-year old laptop (I bought this in December 2005) looks quite ‘ugly’ so I bought a black-and-white skin.



By the way, I am on Celcom Broadband now. It is extremely fast compared to my previous dial-up 1515 line (speed of 25.5kB previously compared to 7.2Mb now).




And, today is already the 17th of Ramadhan. Today is the day the Holy Quran was first revealed to our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Perak is one of the states that is on public holiday today. I stayed home today with the kids and tried (and am still struggling) to complete my proposal.


We only have 13 more days of Ramadhan. Have I done enough to reap the benefits of this blessed month?


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Time really flies. It only seems yesterday that Muslims all over the world are overjoyed with the arrival of the blessed month of Ramadhan. It is a month full of barakah, full of mercy and full of rahmah!


I have been staring at my computer since 5.30 a.m. this morning, after I had the sahur. The submission date for my first-ever assignment for my PhD is coming close and I am beginning to panic. There are times when you are lost and you really do not know how to move forward. And it is only my first semester! Now I understand why people say getting a PhD is not an easy task afterall. I am beginning to reconsider my decision for taking up PhD in the first place! I pray that Allah gives me the strength to move forward. So many people have sacrificed for me – my mom, my dad, my husband, my kids! I hope what I am doing is worth it.


Anyway, I would just like to share one of my favourite nasyeeds by Brother Dawud Wharnsby Ali. It is called Sunshine, Dust and The Messenger. I love listening to it, especially when I am down and need some motivation. It is such a soothing piece, Masya Allah.


Morning light through the bedroom window.

Slow motion dust specks swirling in the sun.

I close my eyes, and I’m floating along.


Sun – did you warm the face of the Prophet

The way you warm mine and make this room glow?

Dust – were you brushed from the beard of the Prophet,

Returning from Jihad, so long ago?

Allahumma Salli `alaa Muhammad

Yaa Rabba-l `aalamiin

Allahumma Salli `alaa Muhammad Sallallaahu `alaihi wa salam


Rain pouring down upon my garden,

Rhythm for the wind that sings his song.

I close my eyes and I’m drumming along.


Rhythm of rain – were you once a river,

That purified the Prophet before his prayers?

Wind – were you a breath form the lips of the Prophet

Carrying wisdom to thirsty ears?

Allahumma Salli `alaa Muhammad

Yaa Rabba-l `aalamiin

Allahumma Salli `alaa Muhammad Sallallaahu `alaihi wa salam


Sharp, clear crescent, light in the blue night.

Slipping in silence through a star scattered sky.

I close my eyes and I know that I belong.


Were you the same moon that lit the way of the Prophet,

Slipping through the desert on his Hijrah?

Stars did you map the way to Madinah,

For the blessed Messenger of Allah?


Allahumma Salli `alaa Muhammad

Yaa Rabba-l `aalamiin

Allahumma Salli `alaa Muhammad Sallallaahu `alaihi wa salam

I close my eyes, and I’m floating along.

I close my eyes and I’m drumming a song.

I close my eyes and I know that I belong…

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It is 4.21 in the morning. I am trying to do 2 things at one time right now. Cooking for sahur and updating my blog. Yes, it has been almost 4 months!


Anyway, salam Ramadhan. Today is the 7th day of Ramadhan already. How time flies! My children have been asking a lot of questions about fasting. Alhamdulillah, they are very interested. But of course, they couldn’t even last for 5 hours! And that means from 7 a.m. when they wake up in the morning and drink their milk, until 12 noon when they come home from school.


“Mom, can I have an ice cream?”


“I thought you are fasting today?”


“It is too hot” or “I am still too small” or “That ice cream looks very nice”.


And mummy or daddy or atuk or opah would have to get some ice cream from the local store for the little girls! It can be quite embarassing, but I would usually bring them with me to get the ice cream so that I don’t have too many eyes watching me!


Just some updates on the political scenario in Malaysia. Anwar is now the Opposition Leader after he won with a bigger majority at the Permatang Pauh seat on the 26th of August. I was actually in KL on that historical day. I was so anxious about the whole thing. I received so many sms-es giving me information on this, and that and whatever it is. A lot of people said that Anwar would definitely win. But I actually feared for him. BN can do anything. The power is in their hands. When I received an sms saying that Anwar had won by a majority of nearly 15,000 votes, I was so sure that they would bring in tens and thousands of ballot boxes with votes for BN! But Alhamdulillah, although the power is in their hands, Allah’s power is greater!


I was just reading an article in the Star newspaper by one of my favourite columnists, Dr Azmi Sharom. He is a professor of law at University of Malaya and I am always intrigued by his intelligence! The essence of what he wrote was this, that Putrajaya, where the government administration is – is actually the property of the people. Whoever sits in there by virtue of his appointment as a representative of the rakyat is only a tenant, and we, the rakyat are actually the landlords. Essentially, we have the power to throw them out whenever we want!


That is at the Federal level. We are counting the days for 16 September. May Allah grant us freedom from a very oppressive and corrupted government.


Meanwhile, the Perak state government is yet again facing another challenge. The Perak UMNO is using so many ways and means to try and topple the government. Alhamdulillah, Allah is protective of those who are in the right path. The allegations of corruption by the 2 EXCOs and another 4 PKR members, are proven untrue. Everyone now knows for a fact that they were just sitting at a café having some coffee when a guy from nowhere appears and throws a bag full of money on their table and followed by a team from BPR! Which I thought was really odd. There were so many reports on BN leaders, but until now, I have not heard any action taken against them! And yet, in this case, they can be so extremely efficient! The BPR has now lost its independence!


And of course, the recent issue on the giving of land to Chinese schools were again being highlighted. And they start questioning why the Islamic schools have been sidelined. You know, sometimes, the UMNO people really make me SICK. And the Perak MB had to again reveal that allocations for the Islamic religious schools have also been approved some time back. All these while, when they were in power, weren’t they the one who stopped giving allocations to the Islamic religious schools? And now they are trying to be heroes?? Ya Allah. It is just so sickening. I pray that at least some of them will get hidayah from Allah.


Enough blabbering about politics!


The twins turned 5 on 13 August. We had a small celebration at Pizza Hut. I bought a chocolate cake for them and they simply loved it! And lately, they have been asking for a little brother or sister. Hmm… is it time? I leave it to Allah. He knows what is best for the family.


Did I tell you that I am currently half-way through my first semester for PhD? A lot of people think I am crazy. Because my current job doesn’t require that qualification. But I know why I am doing it. Self-satisfaction. It is tough. I am juggling between so many roles now – a mom and a wife (both are full time jobs), a full time employee, a part time student. It is only Allah that can give me the strength to go on.


And life simply goes on….

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