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NST on Wednesday 26 November 2008 reported on page 14:


ACA: 302 cops held for graft




In Ipoh, Perak Menteri Besar, Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin said going on extended tea breaks, long lunches and attending to personal matters during office hours could also be construed as corruption.


“A 20-minute break in the morning is acceptable. However, if someone leaves at 10am for his breakfast and does not return until 2pm, this is a form of corruption.”




“One should focus on personal matters like playing golf by applying for leave or going to the course after office hours.”


There you go.


He has said it loud and clear.


An exemplary Islamic leader would always relate every single act that one does to the hereafter.


Thank you for the reminder, Datuk Seri.


You are indeed, our Amirul Mukminin. 

.. shorter coffee breaks, please..
.. shorter coffee breaks, please..


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Trust a 5-year old!

I was reading the story of Nabi Adam a.s. to the kids before they went to bed last night. Out of the many stories of the Prophets, they simply love the story of Nabi Adam a.s. and would always ask me to read about it again and again.


However, this time, Kakak suddenly burst into tears.


I asked her, “What is wrong Kakak? Did Adik pinch you?”


While sobbing, she replied, “No, Adik did not pinch me.”


“Then why are you crying?”


“I don’t want to go to hell. I am scared. The hell is very hot. It will be very painful. And if we stay in hell, it would be for a very, very long time”


And she went on crying for awhile. I was speechless. I didn’t know how to respond to an innocent 5-year old on the issues of heaven and hell.


Then slowly, I started telling her that as Muslims, we must have a strong iman, strive to be good and insya Allah, if we always follow what Allah and Rasul s.a.w. tell us to do, we will be rewarded.


She finally stopped crying.


This morning, as I pondered about what had happened, I realized that I was telling them about how syaitan would never stop inviting people to do evil deeds so that they won’t be alone in hell.


I suddenly felt so ashamed of myself. Do I shiver when I think of the tortures of hellfire?


Trust a 5-year old to make you realize that you should start worrying about the hereafter!

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After traveling for so many days, I feel so tired.


Right after the business trip to Cambodia, I took the family, including my parents, for a vacation to Kuching, Sarawak. I planned this some time back. It was during the MATTA Fair when I bought the MAS tickets for only RM42 return (not including taxes of course).


Some of the interesting spots we visited include the National Museum, Cat Museum, Cat Statue, Cultural Village (I think we had so much fun here!), Orangutan Center and of course, the Riverfront.


But… my kids were so happy with the trip and they were talking about it this morning that I suddenly don’t feel tired anymore!



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Phnom Penh Part 2

I can never get over it.


On the last day at Phnom Penh and with some time to spare before we left for Malaysia, we decided to go on a river cruise along the Tonle Sap (Sap River).


I got a little bit excited since the last time I went on a river cruise was along the Nile River when I was in Egypt last year. And it was just superb.


However, this time round, it was just so stressful.


I have never expected that there are still people in Cambodia living on boats. These people are so poor that they have no money to rent a house or even a room. According to the person who took us on the boat, these people use the water from the river to drink and cook. And the water is so filthy that it is definitely not suitable for such use.


I saw some children on the boat. They don’t go to school because they are too poor. The parents earn about USD5 a day by selling fish and seafood, and the same amount of money is used to feed the whole family of five or six.


One cannot help but wonder, how do these people survive?


Pol Pot must have completely destroyed the entire country that even after 20 years, the country is still taking time to progress.


The worse part is that the people who live on these boats are the Malay Chams.


And when one of the kids waved to us, I just lost my control.  

I have never felt so helpless in my entire life – knowing that my brothers and sisters in this part of the world are suffering so badly – and there is nothing much I can do about it.

Along the Tonle Sap
Along the Tonle Sap

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Phnom Penh Part 1

Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia is an interesting place to visit.


I was there for five days on a business trip with two other colleagues but still managed to squeeze a few hours to visit a number of historical places. We stayed at the Phnom Penh Hotel along Monivong Road (and there is a Mosque behind this hotel!).


The Royal Palace is the principal residence of the King and the royal family. The current King of Cambodia is King Norodom Sihamoni. There are many other interesting buildings within the compounds of the Royal Palace – the Throne Hall which was recently used for the royal coronation ceremony, the Pavilion of Napoleon III which was built by the French and now contains oil paintings and photos of the former Kings of Cambodia and the Silver Pagoda – a place of worship for the Buddhists. The other historical places include the Independence Monument, the Toul Sleng Genocide Museum (which I only managed to pass through as I didn’t have the courage to look at the innocent faces that were killed during Pol Pot’s regime) and the Wat Phnom where Phnom Penh was first established.


The normal mode of transportation in Phnom Penh is the tuk-tuk. I also took a few interesting snaps at Phnom Penh –Live ducks on a motorbike? Cockroaches for sale, anyone?

Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda
Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda


Streets of Phnom Penh
Streets of Phnom Penh

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It was the twins’ Hari Kecemerlangan PASTI today and we made it a point to attend the event.


When the examination results were announced last two weeks, I found out that the elder twin did better than the younger twin. It was a difference of only 4 marks. Kakak got third in class this term.


However, the younger one did better in the earlier mid-term exam. Adik got third in class last term and she was ahead of Kakak by 6 marks.


But how do I explain that prizes will be given only for the final term examination results? It was quite difficult trying to explain to the ever-so-curious twins!


Nevertheless, I am glad that the PASTI teachers were very understanding. Besides the academic awards, they also gave awards to various categories e.g. most active in sports, most well-behaved in class, most hardworking. Guess what the girls got? Most neat – BOTH of them!


My husband had a big laugh when their names were announced.


The bigger surprise came when the teacher announced the Most Supportive Parents. It was us! I think my heart stopped when our names were called. We just couldn’t believe it!


My husband had a bigger laugh this time!


Most Neat Awards (left) and Academic Awards (right)

Most Neat Awards (left) and Academic Awards (right)

The Headmistress)

The kids singing


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Seronoknya naik Komuter!

I was in Kuala Lumpur for three days on a business trip.


Since the exams are over, I brought my kids along and of course, my most loyal companion – my mom. By the way, while we were away, my dad and husband went on a fishing trip. It was the ladies’ day in Kuala Lumpur and the men’s day at… wherever they went fishing!


The kids have been asking me to take them on a train ride since they have never been on one.


So on Sunday morning, we took them for a ride on the Komuter. It was a very short one, from Midvalley to Kuala Lumpur and back. We had so much fun that when they came back to Ipoh, they decided to paste the tickets in their notebook!




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