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My sister-in-law recently got married to her long-time sweetheart.


The aqad nikah was held at Masjid As Saadah at Kampung Dato’ Ahmad Said Tambahan 2 and the reception was held the day after at my father-in-law’s place.




The reception on the groom’s side was held at Teluk Intan last Saturday. I haven’t been there for so long, so after the event, we drove to the town of Teluk Intan. I managed to snap a photo of the famous leaning tower of Teluk Intan.





Selamat Pengantin Baru to dear Rahman and Shariza. Semoga kekal bahagia ke akhir hayat.


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Arus Qudus

 Yasin Sulaiman has again, won my heart with his new album.


Arus Qudus is Yasin’s third solo album and was released early this year. Thank you to Facebook, I managed to get a copy of this album through Yasin’s wife Eena Houzyama (and with a special autography by Yasin himself!). Apparently, it is not available from the shelves, you need to get it directly from Hush Entertainment.


Seriously, I love this album.


There are nine songs altogether, and I think six were fully composed and written by Yasin himself. Yasin is to me, a very talented composer and an extremely creative lyricist. His lyrics are so meaningful, if you pay full attention to what he is trying to say instead of just enjoying the music. Remember Kembara Suriaraya from his first album (which is about Isra’ and Mi’raj), or Hanya Satu (which tells the story about Bilal bin Rabah)?


And I particularly like Yasin’s Arabic accent. I was informed by a friend that Yasin used to live in Saudi when he was young, and I was also informed that Yasin is actually a hafiz.


The first time I heard Yasin’s voice was in an album back in the 90s, when his school, Maahad Hamidiah Kajang produced an album – I cannot recall the title though – it may have been Mentari. In that album, Yasin recited verses from the Quran – Surah Thaha, Surah Najm, Surah Al Qalam and a few others – and that was when I became a fan of Yasin. 


In this album, Yasin still maintains the same ‘world music’ concept, and he tries to maintain the ‘story’ concept.


The song Bismillah, for example, is a great composition. It contains the words “Bismillah Majreha Bismillah Mursaha” – I had to ask my Arabic-speaking friends to understand what Yasin was trying to say. Apparently the word “Bismillah Majreha Bismillah Mursaha” was the doa of Prophet Nuh when he went onboard the ship, which has no ‘captain’. Therefore, “Bismillah Majreha Bismillah Mursaha” means that In the Name of Allah at the start, and In the name of Allah at the end. In the same song, ‘benderang cahaya di atasnya cahaya’ is, I think, a verse in the Quran – when Allah mentions about layers and layers of Nur.


The other song that really caught my attention is Hidup Memang Susah… and it refers to Surah Al Insyirah. The message that I got from this song is that life is hard, but you will find ease after difficulties. Extremely meaningful.. I also like the song Hampir Padamu which features Arnieza. It is such a nice tune, and the lyrics are just so sweet. Ooh.. and don’t forget, Kau Yang Mengetahui.. It is just an amazing song.


Jika tiada mentari

Mana mungkin rembulan

Sinari malam sepi

Jika ditakdir Nya begini

Ku rela dan terima

Syukuri yang diberi


All in all, as a fan of Yasin, I think this is a great album and is worth waiting for (six years is a long time!).


Congratulations Yasin.



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I am currently writing this blog from the university library.


Seriously, I am glad I took the day off today. For the past few weeks, I have had official meetings on Wednesday mornings. After my class on Tuesday, I would put up at a nearby hotel and work on Wednesday before rushing to class in the evening.


But today, things are different. After the long 3-hour drive from Tronoh to Gombak and an interesting 3-hour class yesterday, I managed to get some proper rest last night without having to worry about my meetings. This time around, I stayed at a budget hotel in Gombak, called Ujana Harmonis Resort. Not bad for RM50 per night. Of course, it is not the normal 4 or 5-star hotel that I am so used to. But.. I can live with it. I slept well last night. And the best part, it only took me 10 minutes to get to the university.


And here I am at the library, feeling calm and serene. I have finished reading all the required materials for today’s class this morning. And I am taking a short break before I continue with more work. And I feel extraordinary excited to attend the class today.

I should do this more often.

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Photo courtesy of pekebenda.blogspot.com


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My First Time!

For the first time, I have been tagged..  by famygirl!


So, I am going to attempt this, hope it works.


The 7 Things Tag


1.       7 Facts You May Not Know About Me

a.       I am the younger of two siblings, but normally when people compare my brother and me, most of them think that I am the older sister and he is my younger brother (which, does NOT make me feel good!)

b.       I started playing the piano at the age of 5, and completed Grade 8 when I was 17 (but now I have stopped playing after finding out that it is not acceptable in Islam)

c.        Contrary to what most of friends think, I started wearing the hijab when I was 18 (most of them thought that I started when I was really young).

d.       I adore cats. Mom and I used to have 36 cats at home. And my favourite cat was called Kid, who slept with me, in my room, on my bed and next to me on my pillow. Kid also died at the age of 14, and he died on my lap.

e.       I nearly lost my life after giving birth to my twins. It was postpartum hemorrhage – i.e. losing blood after delivering. And I can still remember the look on the faces of the nurses surrounding me – their faces were white when they saw the amount of blood I lost! That is the reason why I am scared of getting pregnant again!

f.        I am an extremely sensitive person, and I cry easily. (I am such a softie!)

g.       I cannot stand people who pretend they are your best friend, and at the same time, bad mouth you to everyone else you know, including your boss!


2.       7 Things That Scare Me

a.       Thinking about my own death and what would happen in the ‘kubur’

b.       Losing the people that I love

c.        Failing any examination

d.       Tall buildings (… somehow I always think about 911…)

e.       Darkness (… it gives me the shivers…)

f.        The Dentist!

g.       Cockroaches and Lizards


3.       7 Songs That I Like The Most

a.       Rindu Pada Mu – Yasin Sulaiman (and everything else by Yasin!)

b.       Sunshine, Dust and the Messenger – Dawud Wharnsby Ali (extremely touching words)

c.        Menanti di Barzakh – Firdaus

d.       City of Medina – Zain Bhika

e.       Harga Sebuah Keimanan – Brother Baharuddin (This is a classic nasyid recorded by a group called “Grup Apresiasi Seni” somewhere in the mid-90s. This nasyid is without any music or gendang. It is the kind of song that would bring tears to my eyes!)

f.        Segalanya Pasti – Azhan Atan (he sang it at the finals of Akademi Nasyid)

g.       Ayat-ayat Cinta – Rossa (simply because I love the book and the movie)


4.       7 Phrases That I Say The Most

a.       Are you sure?

b.       Pandai lah tu…

c.        Ye ke?

d.       Ye lah tu..

e.       Entah apa-apa entah…

f.        Apa ni?

g.       Jangan (to my kids especially.. haha!)


5.       7 Of My Precious Things

a.       My Quran – which was given to me by my dad (he bought it in Madinah)

b.       My rings – the engagement ring (our names were engraved.. mengada-ngada aje!), the wedding ring, and my 7th anniversary ring!

c.        My pencil case which I have used since I was 16 (that is almost 19 years already!)

d.       My collection of books and magazines

e.       My collection of cassettes (I think I have more than 100 – which are now kept in the store since my cassette player broke down)

f.        I keep all the cards (birthdays, anniversary) that I have received in a box. The oldest one is a birthday card given to me by my parents when I was 9 years old. I also keep the postcards sent by my dad when he was studying in Indonesia in 1983.

g.       This trinket box that I bought at the St Kilda market just before I left Melbourne (a brown wooden box with some seashells stuck on it)


6.       7 Memorable First Timers

a.       Flying alone on the plane from Ipoh – KL when I was 12. I was a ‘child traveling alone’ and was accompanied by the MAS staff all the time.

b.       Witnessing a Non-Muslim couple (both were Catholics) saying the syahadah at the Melbourne Islamic Center somewhere in 1993. It was just so touching.

c.        Getting wet with acid water sprayed by the FRU when I was at the National Mosque during one of the Reformasi demonstrations in 1998 (I was actively involved in Reformasi back then)

d.       Buying my first car – a Proton Wira Aeroback (which I have now sold to give way to a bigger car for the family L)

e.       When my husband said the ‘akad’ on the 31st of August 2000 (I was 26 when I got married – can you guess my age? J)

f.        Looking at my twins right after they were born in 2003 – I thought they looked so similar that I kept thinking to myself, “How am I going to tell them apart?”

g.       Doing this tag!


7.       7 To Tag

The first seven to read this tag!

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How can people be so insensitive at times like this?


Not that I blame him for being filthy rich. I just couldn’t help feeling so furious about the frontpage report.


But then again, why spend so lavishly when you could have used that money for other better purposes? Maybe it was the media’s fault. Maybe Datuk K’s intention was noble i.e. to get a birthday present for the wife but the media had other intentions i.e. to make sure the newspapers get sold out by lunch.


But, don’t these people feel the pain of our brothers and sisters over there in Gaza?


Read Ustaz Zaharuddin’s suggestions as posted by mynie on how to help them.


Do your part. That is the least we can do from here.


We will all be questioned in front of Allah!  

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I wish I am a Superwoman

This week will be the start of an extremely challenging time for me.


I officially started working this week. And I have another 12 weeks of lectures to attend on Wednesdays and Thursdays.


Juggling time between a full-time job, a full-time mother and wife (don’t think there is a ‘part-time’ mum or wife, right?) and a part-time student seems to be impossible now.


Yes, everyone wishes that there are more hours in a day.


But, even if we had more hours, would it make a difference though? I would tend to believe that more hours will result in more commitments!


I am now back to a similar schedule when I was doing my Masters degree. And alhamdulillah, I manage to reduce my sleeping hours from the normal six hours, to a maximum of 4.5 hours, without getting a migraine. Even then, an additional 1.5 hours a day is still not sufficient.


I did try to get some reading done after coming home from work, but I just felt so guilty leaving the kids playing to themselves. Afterall, it is only 2 hours with them a day (and only 3 days a week! Ouch!). So, one of my aims this year is to make sure I spend really quality time with them at night and on the weekends. Those precious hours are the only hours I get to spend with them!


Yes, there are sacrifices to make if you have goals in life.


You won’t have time for yourself anymore.


Meanwhile, feel free to read my journal entry for Qualitative Research 2/14.



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