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I discovered the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary on the web here while I was doing some literature review at the library.


There is a section called “Word of the Day” which has a theme attached to it.


This week’s theme is “Damaging Someone’s Reputation”.


And the word of the day for today, 25 February is..




What a coincidence..


Especially now.


Especially when everyone seems to want to damage another’s reputation.


Remember what Allah says? Maybe we should read again and understand Surah An Nur, verses 11 – 19.


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Geng Upin & Ipin


The movie was awesome!


In fact, the cinema was so packed that all the tickets were sold out the day before.


I had spent so little time with my kids for the past two or three months due to my extremely busy work and study schedule. Plus, my mind was so affected by the crisis in Perak that I haven’t been able to think straight lately. I asked my husband if we could spend some time to bring the kids out this weekend, and when he agreed, I said to him, “Let us watch Geng Upin and Ipin. It was talked about so much.”


So we went to buy the tickets on Saturday for a movie on Sunday, 11 a.m.


It was such a good movie that for awhile, all my miseries and worries just went off. I am glad I took the time off to watch it, and I am so glad that the kids enjoyed themselves tremendously.


And I am reminded of Yasin’s song, Hampir Padamu..


Lihat si kecil yang tertawa

Dengar bahagia di suaranya

Rasakan bagai masa kan terhenti untuk seketika…


That was how I felt when I heard them laughing out loud in the cinema just now.


That short ‘outing’ somehow or rather, provided me some strength to carry on.


I silently prayed just now, that this newly gained strength flows to our dear Menteri Besar Ir. Nizar.


But then, I saw this photo on http://ajijoi.blogspot.com and my heart broke again.





I was laughing with my kids, watching Upin & Ipin, and Ir. Nizar was on his way out of the official MB residence. I felt so lousy about the whole thing.


But Allah knows best and my prayers are always with him and his family. May Allah give us the strength to carry on.

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It’s in the Constitution!

This is why I like to read Prof. Dr. Azmi Sharom’s column in The Star on Thursdays, every two weeks.


Regardless of what the sentiment is at the moment, it is important that we all go back to what was transcribed in our Constitution, be it the Federal Constitution or the State Constitution.


It was stated in the Perak State Constitution that yes, the Sultan has power to appoint a Menteri Besar, but Tuanku cannot dismiss an existing Menteri Besar. It is simply unconstitutional.


I think Prof. Azmi was so correct when he said in the above article that he….. would have thought the Sultan, who has spoken many times so eloquently about democracy and rule of law would have just said, “right, let the people decide again”.


And up until today, I just cannot comprehend Tuanku’s decision not to have a fresh election. That would definitely make a lot of difference.


Could it be because of the latest report from PDRM that they spent RM15 million at the Kuala Terengganu by-election? See the full report here.


That IS a lot of money. I could have used that money for those in need.. I am sure there are plenty out there. Not to make the contractors richer!


Anyway, I would like to recall the last Malaysian Law Conference at Kuala Lumpur Convention Center in 2007, where I had the opportunity to hear Tuanku Sultan Azlan speak. He was stressing on a lot of things back then especially on the independence of the judiciary. He also made the following statement, “It is important that there must be, in the hearts and minds of those who are entrusted to administer and uphold the constitution, a belief in the values and principles that animate the august document”. You can read the full speech here.


And I continue to wonder… and ponder…


Constitutional Law has always been an interesting subject, and it will always be.


Hopefully, justice will finally prevail.

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I am writing this from Klana Resort, Seremban, where I am currently attending a teambuilding programme.


The activities were quite interesting; and challenging of course. The spirit of teamwork so far, has been excellent so we seem to be doing quite well. The organizers even arranged a trip to Melaka and Port Dickson, which was definitely fun.


We also had a session with our Vice President who will be retiring at the end of the month. Here are some of his parting words which I found very useful:

          Take challenges, don’t complain and find ways to get things done

          You must work your way to gain trust because trust does not come easily

          A good leader must be able to anticipate the future

          You must always have a desire to keep learning

–          Never stop reading – not just read but learn from what you read

          Always have fun in life


Also, I was also tempted to visit my former school, Tunku Kurshiah College but time is a constraint. I haven’t been back there since I left in 1991, and that is almost 18 years already!


Meanwhile, I was informed that the Perak Speaker has summoned the illegal MB and his 6 excos to attend the legislative assembly’s committee of privileges hearing after a report was filed by ADUN Canning Wong Kah Woh. Read more here and here.


As I said in my last post, the struggle to uphold justice must go on! Lawan tetap lawan!


Is there light at the end of the tunnel afterall?

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At the moment, I have recovered from the extreme sadness that I have suffered for about a week now. Alhamdulillah, my spirits are better now, and I leave it to Allah as He is always the best planner.


Perak’s legitimate Menteri Besar gave a press conference today. Yes, he will leave the cars at the MB’s official residence. Yes, he will move out of the house. But that does not mean defeat. NEVER.


The struggle to uphold justice will go on and I vow to sacrifice as much as possible.


I pray that Allah gives me and my whole family the strength to continue what we have been doing so far. And I pray that Allah grants His blessings to all supporters of Pakatan Rakyat, and especially Ir. Haji Nizar and his family.


At the beginning of the press conference, Ir. Haji Nizar recited Surah Dhuha. It definitely gave everyone some strength to move on, and to continue the struggle. As Allah has said, “Indeed the hereafter is better for you than the present life”.


Let us all reflect on the meaning of Surah Dhuha together. May we all gain some benefit from it.

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My tears are flowing even as I am writing this down.


I have nothing else to say, except, it is all in the hands of Allah. Therefore, there must be a blessing somewhere.


On Thursday night, I was at the MB’s place with more than 2000 supporters. The spirit is still there. The support is amazing. People from all walks of life were there. Malays, Chinese, Indians – they were together, as a team trying desperately to defend the government that they voted for. In fact, when we first arrived, one group of Chinese guys were calling everyone to join the support. It was such an amazing sight, and it does not happen in Barisan Nasional.


However, at the Ubudiah Mosque in Kuala Kangsar yesterday, it was reported that the FRUs fired the tear gas – which I think was a bit too much. Dahl ah tak solat Jumaat, tambah dosa lagi menyiksa orang awam.


I just don’t understand why some people are so desperate for power. Do they think that they are the only ones who can lead a state? What makes them think that they are so superior than others?


They claim that they have administered the state for the past 50 years. Yes, they have done a lot of development (which is their responsibility anyway) but they have also done a lot of mistakes. Where have they put Quran and Sunnah for the past 50 years? On the top of their cupboards? Or on the walls as decoration? What about the religion? All I know is that they have created a new religion called Islam Hadhari. The social problems in Malaysia is just out of control now. And they claim that they are the ones who can run the country properly?


And some of my colleagues, who are highly educated seem to believe that all this while, UMNO is the one who actually gave them all the benefits – scholarships, nice highways, sufficient electricity, clean water – but isn’t that what the government is supposed to do? Even if PAS had ruled the country for the past 50 years, they would have done the same thing, or even better maybe. Do they seriously think that if PAS or DAP had ruled, there would be no roads, and everyone would be using ‘lampu pelita’ and drinking water from the rivers? S.t.u.p.i.d!


And I was so angry over the statement of the Perak Mufti. Seriously, may Allah grant him forgiveness for equating the Sultan to ‘bayangan Tuhan’. Now I know why I have never trusted him… since forever.


Even worse, the Sultan’s decision to me, was constitutionally wrong. I used to look up at him for being one of the most learned judges and I used to read his decisions in law school. But now, everything has changed. If you read what Maverick has to say in his “Cakap Tak Serupa Bikin” blog, I could not agree more. We should have a by-election!


But, Allah knows it all. He is the best Planner afterall.


To my dear Amirul Mukminin Ir. Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin, you are still my leader and the leader of the Perakians. You are still our Menteri Besar, and we pledge our alliance to you.


Insya Allah, the truth will prevail; if not in this world, in front of Allah, at Mahsyar, when all our deeds are played on the big screen like a movie, exactly like what the UMNO people are doing at the moment.


Insya Allah, they are laughing at us now, but insya Allah, we will be laughing at them in the akhirat.


6 February 2009 – a history was made – democracy has died.

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The Image Tag

I have been tagged again, this time by mynie.


“The rules are simple. Use Google Image to search the answers to the questions below. Then you must choose a picture in the first page of the results, and post it as your answer. After that tag 6 people.”


1. I am


2. I really want to go to


3. My favourite place


4. My favourite thing


5. My favourite drink


 6. My favourite food


7. My favourite colour


8. I live in


9. I was born in


10. My college was


 11. My favourite story


 12. My hobby 


13. I wish 


And I would like to tag… sesiapa yang rajin nak buat ni! J

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