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Yesterday was the last day of the kids’ mid-year examinations. Kelam kabut dibuatnya!


I was never as agitated as this. I was reading famygirl’s blog about her daughter sitting for the exams, and I felt… oh, okay, so I am not the only one! To tell you the truth, I used to be so scared of exams, but not as scared as this time round! Nervous, worried, tensed… you name it!


The elder twin was very much worried about the exams as compared to the younger twin. Every night after Maghrib, she would remind me that we need to revise her lessons. We would sit down, the three of us, and I would prepare some sample questions for them to answer – Maths, English, Arabic, Fiqh… And since the kids go to PASTI, there are some ‘hafazan’ to do, so we would go through the five surahs (Al Maaun, Al Quraisy, Al Fiil, Al Humazah and Al Asr) every night plus the ten hadith that they have to remember. It was also a good lesson for me! At least now I know 10 more hadith.


And every morning when I was on the way to the office, I would receive a call from Kakak reminding me to perform solat hajat for them once I get to the office. And I did. I reach office about 7.50 a.m., and I perform the solat hajat… praying that Allah gives them the ‘ilhaam’ to answer the questions properly and praying that they both become ‘Muslimah yang bertaqwa’!


Finally glad that it is all over. It is cuti sekolah time!


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Sadness in Ipoh

 The past few days have been very mentally tiring and emotionally challenging for me.




The brutal murder of a saloon owner together with her child and housemaid really got to me. Worse still, it took place right here, in this city, in Ipoh. I have always thought that Ipoh was a safe place to live in, as compared to Kuala Lumpur. When I saw the images of her husband and her other children sobbing, I just lost control. Imagine watching your wife bleed to death… your child… Ya Allah, how can people be so cruel? These things were unheard of ten years ago. Now, people simply kill each other… just for some money to buy drugs. That is committing two major sins already – taking drugs, and murdering. And personally, I think this is what happens when the laws of Allah is not implemented. Until and unless hudud is there, as citizens, we will never be safe!


Al Fatihah to Wan Yah Matzi, Ermin Denish and Dani Miasih. Semoga roh mereka ditempatkan bersama mereka yang beriman.


The news that Zambry had won in the Court of Appeal reached me at around 4.00 p.m. on Friday. Surprisingly, I was not too shocked. Most of my friends were confident that Nizar was going to win, but I didn’t share the same feeling. The judiciary has lost its independence, so there is not much to hope for. Even the earlier decision at the High Court was something I had not expected. The High Court judge, who delivered his judgment in line with what is written in the constitution, is a person with high integrity. He is not afraid to make the right decision, even if his position as a High Court judge is at stake. May Allah grant him forgiveness and blessings.


What is worse now is that the situation in Perak remains unsettled. Yes, Zambry has won. But Ir Nizar is now appealing to the Federal Court. It is like neverending. And right now, we are still waiting for the written judgment by the three Court of Appeal judges. I just cannot wait to read what they have to say about this whole fiasco. They must have strong grounds to have come to that decision because regardless of the fact that I am a PAS member, I am trained as a lawyer, and I still believe that the High Court’s decision is correct.


I was reading what Hanipa Maidin was saying the other day about Malaysia turning into absolute monarchy as compared to constitutional monarchy. And I really had a good laugh. I have never thought of it that way. Their decision essentially allows the King or Sultan to pick his own PM or MB without having to go back to the Assembly or the Parliament. So watchout, Mr Najib and Madam Rosmah!

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Ulu Chepor, which is about 10 km away from Ipoh town, is a popular place for picnics.


Even better, it is only about 5 minutes drive from my house so we decided to take the kids for a splash on Sunday. I cooked up some pasta in the early morning and we were there by noon.


It was a good outing for the kids, as they had a lot of fun playing with water. They even gave their dad ‘sand therapy’!



Although the water is still very clean, the area is not too well kept. I think Dewan Bandaraya Ipoh could have easily increased the entrance fee from RM1 to maybe RM5 so that they can use the money to pay people to collect all the ‘sampah sarap’! But then again, all these ‘sampah sarap’ lying around indicates that Malaysians are still ‘uncivilized’!


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I found a nice template on childcareland.com and decided to spend some time with the kids to do it.


We started the “All About Me” project on Tuesday night, and gradually completed it on Friday. There were 10 pages in total, with a lot of coloring and reading to do.


They particularly liked the hand-printing part because it involved a lot of painting and mess! Plus, they now know which food they liked best and which animals they preferred (kakak likes elephants and adik likes tortoises!).

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99% agrees



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Just as everyone had expected… things got turned around within less than 24 hours!

And it made everyone more confused!


Well, that is how effective the judges are when it comes to making decisions that favour UMNO. Zambry claims that he is now the rightful MB of Perak after the Court of Appeal granted him a stay pending his appeal on the High Court’s decision that Ir. Nizar was and is still the MB.


Regardless, I had a good laugh (I think most sensible Malaysians had a good laugh too) when I read a report of Zambry describing his current struggle similar to that of Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi! Has he lost his mind? Lim Kit Siang said this:


“… Zambry’s comparison of himself to Gandhi and Mandela would cause “all round derision, outrage and revulsion.”


“If Zambry dreams of being a Gandhi, he would not want to be an illegitimate and unlawful mentri besar even for a second,” he said.


He said the stay given by the Court of Appeal today prevented Nizar from taking back what he claims is the PAS man’s legitimate position as MB, but did not overturn yesterday’s High Court declaration.


“Zambry went against everything Gandhi stood for in announcing that he would again ‘gate-crash’ the Perak state secretariat building tomorrow to ‘re-occupy’ the MB’s office,” he said.


But then again, Nizar’s counsels also conceded that Nizar is still the MB because by having granted a stay, it does not mean that the Court of Appeal has declared Zambry as the Perak MB. Shannon Teoh from Malaysianinsider reported this:


… But at a press conference this evening with two lawyers, Nizar’s counsel Leong Cheok Keng and one of his state executive councillors Thomas Su, Nizar insisted that despite the stay, his government was still legitimate.


“The High Court ruling was not an order to act which can be stopped by staying it. It is not like paying damages where you can halt the payment until a decision has been made,” explained Leong.


“This is a declaration that Nizar has been the legitimate MB all this while. How can you temporarily vacate him from office?” he added.


There have been many calls for the dissolution of the Perak State Assembly including from Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah – MP of Gua Musang, Param Cumaraswary – former UN Special Rapporteur on the Independence of Judges and Lawyers, Tan Sri Abu Talib Osman – Chairman of Suhakam, Dr Hsu Dar Ren – Central Committee member of Gerakan and also Ragunath Kesavan – the President of the Malaysian Bar Council.


In fact, this was what Nizar and the Pakatan Rakyat leaders have been trying to convince the palace – let the rakyat decide!


Seriously, what is so wrong about having fresh elections? I mean, Najib, Zambry and UMNO keep claiming that they have the majority and the support of the people. So, why not???


And yet they claim that Nizar wants to cling on to his power.


No, we want the State Assembly dissolved! If the smart people of Perak think that BN deserves to win, so be it!


And I couldn’t help but agree with this report:


“But University of Malaya law lecturer Azmi Sharom said it would be “disastrous” for the Perak sultanate.


“The Sultan and the crown prince have been championing democracy and civil society for years,” he said.


“They can kiss goodbye to whatever credibility they have in the public’s eyes if they don’t dissolve the assembly this time.”


Our struggle to uphold justice continues!

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