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It was a day that every Perakian has been waiting for.


The first day of the DUN sitting – after Datuk Seri Ir Nizar was officially stripped off his title as the rightful Perak Menteri Besar by the highest court of the land – was to take place yesterday.


They had promised to be professional, and to fully respect the court’s decision.


And that was what they did.


Therefore, I would like to extend my heartiest congratulations to the 29 assemblymen from PR Perak for their professionalism.


Even though they were treated as if they were criminals.


Imagine this…

… The number of policemen and other unwanted persons were more than the assemblymen.

… The PR assemblymen were required to undergo stringent security checks before they enter the Dewan.

… They were stopped twice; once at the gate, and again at the door.

… They were instructed to use a different lift from that of the BN assemblymen.

… They had so many issues to raise, but the 3-day sitting was reduced to 2.

… The media was denied entry into the Dewan, and could only watch the sitting from an enclosure one floor above.

… The speakers were turned off when discussions became intense.


Nevertheless, they persevered and tried their ultimate best to ensure that the voices of the Perakians are heard in the Dewan.


Congratulations, Datuk Seri Ir Nizar and team.


The sitting will continue today. May Allah grant the team patience and determination.


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It has been almost three weeks since I let you go.


10 March 2010, to be precise.


It took me some time to get over you since you have been my most loyal companion for the past six years. You have never caused me any difficulties… instead you made life a lot easier for me and my family.


It is not that I don’t love you, but life has to go on. But I will cherish all that we have been through for the past six years.


Thank you for being part of me and my family, and for always being there for me. I will miss you terribly.



To Mr. A, welcome and I hope you will enjoy being part of the family!

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KLIBF 2010

I lost again.


Despite my earlier vow that I would reduce reading non-academic books until I complete my PhD + reduce my expenses on books, the temptation was just too strong.


I spent three hours at the Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair last Friday, after attending a seminar at UIA.


It was the first day of the book fair + it was school holidays so the place was extremely packed.


I don’t even want to calculate how much I spent, but I know I bought 26 titles + a few more for the kids.


Should I just leave them on the shelf?


Beli tapi tak baca, boleh ke? Well, at least I can claim tax relief for this year.


Anyway, congratulations to my cousin Nabil, who recently got married – semoga kekal hingga ke syurga.

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Kota Bharu, the Islamic City

I am proud to announce that after 35 years ++ being a Malaysian, I have been to all states in Malaysia – the final one being Kelantan.


When one of my friends discovered for a fact that I have never been to Kelantan, he was stunned. “Eh, you bukan orang Tok Guru ke? And you have never been to Kelantan???” :P!


As I had expected, the journey was exhausting – it took us 6 hours to get there on Friday and another 6 hours back on Monday. The kids got very excited about Kelantan but we managed to force them to sleep for awhile – I didn’t want them to get so tired and start throwing tantrums.


Personally, I find Kota Bharu a very livable city. The city is quite huge, and there are so many new buildings and shopping malls that I find it hard to believe when people say Kelantan is a “negeri yang mundur di bawah kerajaan PAS”. I love the billboards and signages – the ladies are all covered up and tulisan jawi are everywhere including at the non-Malay shops. It was quite a funny sight when I first saw a Chinese sundry shop displaying its name in Jawi – it was something like “Kedai Chan Cheng”.



Since I was on official duties, I had to arrange my time to only visit the most important places in Kota Bharu – Pasar Siti Khadijah (I did not buy anything there), Pantai Cahaya Bulan (beautiful beach + good food) and Wakaf Che Yeh (shopping!). We had dinner at the most famous Yati Ayam Percik (sedap giler!) on Saturday night and at the New Horizon Restaurant on Sunday night.



But the highlight of my visit this time around was Kampung Pulau Melaka.


We drove to TGNA’s house on Monday morning, just before we left for Ipoh.


And his house was just exactly like everyone had described. No fences, no bodyguards, not even a guard house! We actually managed to drive through the school (on our right) and the mosque (on our left) right into the compounds of his house! I did contemplate knocking on his door to meet the man in person, but both of us did not have the courage to do so. We quickly took photos in front of his house and left.


Takpelah, dapat gambar dengan rumah dia pun takpe lah!



By the way, when we arrived on Friday, the local Sinar Harian newspaper reported that TGNA had led an istisqa prayer (a sunnah prayer to seek Allah’s blessing for some rain) as Kelantan had suffered severe drought for the past few months. He was leading the prayers, and when he was reciting the surah during the first rakaat, it rained heavily! The whole congregation was soaking wet – and the rain stopped upon them saying the salaam! This story, gave me goosebumps!


I would definitely make it a point to return to Kota Bharu Bandaraya Islam in the near future, insya Allah!

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Mee Udang di Pulau Aman

Lama tak update blog.


Maybe it’s because I have been traveling quite a bit this past week, and will continue to do so until next week. No doubt, it can be exhausting but once in a while, it can be fun. Penang, KL and Kelantan – all within 10 days!


Anyway, we were in Penang last weekend for an exhibition in PISA (Penang International Sports Arena) – and I brought the whole family along since it was a weekend.


And we met Lim Guan Eng on Saturday morning when he came to officiate the event!!! Meeting the Chief Minister in Penang was like a dream come true – but we were not fast enough to snap a photo of him with the kids. But the kids sempat salam dia. Seronok budak-budak tu!



And on the way back from Penang (we stayed at Equatorial Penang by the way) we stopped by at a new place called Pulau Aman.



Actually, one of my closest friends has been pestering me to try the mee udang (prawn mee) at this small island called Pulau Aman. Truthfully, I have never even heard of this place.


How to get here? From Penang, take the first exit after the Juru toll – i.e. Batu Kawan (the toll fare was RM1.10) – and take the road to Stadium Batu Kawan – right till the end. There are quite a few sign boards showing the way to Jeti Pulau Aman. Upon arriving at the jetty, take the boat to Pulau Aman (RM6 for adults, RM4 for children – return ticket). It was quite a small boat and my kids (including myself) were terrified! The boat ride took us around 10 minutes.


Anyway, upon arriving, there is a restaurant on the left – Restoran Terapung Pulau Aman.


We tried the mee udang  as suggested by my dear friend and we have only one word to say – FANTASTIC!


Berbaloi naik bot yang menakutkan tu!!

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I came across this paragraph last night:


Generally speaking, part-time students take nearly twice as long to complete their PhDs… I think the attrition rate of part-time students is higher… can be easily distracted from their PhDs due to the demands of their jobs or simply boredom… A PhD requires a lot of thought and reflection.


(on page 31 in PhD: The Pursuit of Excellence by Dr. Kamarul Zaman bin Ahmad, 2007)


Easily distracted?


Spot on.


Not only by the demands of my job, but my entire life.


I need time to focus and think. I wish I could just go off for a few weeks to really concentrate.


It is hard to motivate yourself especially when your daughters say, “Mak ni, tak habis-habis membaca. Bukan nak main dengan kami.”


1.5 hours every morning is definitely insufficient. You read a journal article and when something is just about to come out from your head, it is time to wake the kids up for school. Most of the time, I read and read and nothing comes out at all!


Ya Allah, help me persevere.

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We finally met him again after such a long time.


Datuk Seri Ir Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin was present at the Majlis Ramah Mesra and Minum Petang bersama ahli dan penyokong PAS Veteran Kawasan Tambun organized by PAS Tambun at Padang Taman Meru 2B on Sunday, 28 March 2010.


Also present were the leadership of PAS Tambun including Ustaz Wan Tarmizi, Dr Khairuddin, Ahmad Khair Faizal and Tuan Haji Asmuni.



This was a closed event for PAS members and approximately 500 turned up. It was good to get updates from the man himself and Datuk Seri managed to walk around to greet each and everyone of us.



And of course, the twins did not miss their chance (again!) to have their photo with our beloved Menteri Besar Rakyat!

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