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Kembara Sufi

Seni Islami, Wadah Kontemporari


That was the theme of this year’s Kembara Sufi, an annual Islamic concert organized by the students of the university.


This year, Kembara Sufi was held on Saturday night, 24th of April 2010 with three guest artistes namely Azhan Atan, Rabbani and Shoutul Harokah, a group from Indonesia.


I brought the whole family to the concert, including mom and dad since they are also fans of Azhan Atan.


The concert started off with performances from the university’s nasyid group and also a group from Yayasan Anak Yatim An Nur. Then, Azhan first performed four songs, followed by Rabbani and finally Shoutul Harokah.


Azhan’s powerful voice was almost magic when he first sang Ku Milik Mu. In fact, I felt as if the entire hall went so silent when he sang that song. And he was also remarkably entertaining on stage with his ‘santai’ concept. Surprisingly, he could also play the keyboard very well!


Rabbani was also great despite the fact that Ustaz Asri is no longer with us. When they started off with the song Intifada, I felt a tinge of sadness because a few years back, Rabbani was singing the same song at the same stage but with Ustaz Asri. You could almost feel and see him standing right there! Zulkifli is now the new vocalist, and he has a superb voice as well… because there will never be another Ustaz Asri!


The final performance was by Shoutul Harokah, a group from Indonesia. I have heard their songs before, and their performance was equally entertaining. Their songs are unlike Malaysian nasyeeds yang mendayu, but more ‘bersemangat’ in nature, that it makes you want to stand up and march!


Congratulations to the committee members for a very-well organized concert!


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Datuk Zaid lost

And so it is official that Datuk Zaid Ibrahim lost the by-election by 1725 votes.


Even though this did not come as a surprise to me, considering that all three DUNs under Hulu Selangor belong to BN, I still find it sad that we could not send to Parliament someone as charismatic as him.


On the other hand, I guess this comes as a wake-up call for Pakatan Rakyat to polish up its services and strengthen its policies, considering how close the next general election is.


Nevertheless, I hope that Datuk Zaid would continue to fight for the people. This is just the beginning, insya Allah.

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I was bloghopping just now, and read an entry about Khalifah Umar Al Khattab here.


 The author was relating a story about how Khalifah Umar used to drink alcoholic drinks (arak) before he became a Muslim. And we all know the famous story about how Khalifah Umar buried his newborn daughter alive during jahilliyah times.


I find it quite interesting the way he hopes Zaid Ibrahim will follow the footsteps of Khalifah Umar – and reform himself to be a better person. Because when Khalifah Umar declared his syahadah, he completely became a new person – an extremely pious and God-fearing man. When he became the khalifah, he made so many changes and reformed the Islamic world. And Allah accepted his repentance because Khalifah Umar is one of Rasulullah’s sahabahs who has been promised Jannah. And he used to be an alcoholic!!!


Seriously, I think that the character assassination attempt by BN (i.e. by portraying the doctored photo of Zaid drinking a bottle of beer) has done more good to Zaid than damage his reputation! I should thank UMNO for this because people are now more openly admitting that they know our UMNO ‘leaders’ drink and gamble!



Anyway, we took the kids to watch How To Train Your Dragon in 3D last Sunday night. No, not in Ipoh of course, but in Midvalley KL since I was on official duties last weekend – 3D is still alien to the people living in Ipoh!


Not only were the kids excited, so were we! 

It was a cute story. It was worth paying RM56 for the tickets – RM17 for adults and RM11 for kids because the 3D effect was just fantastic. You could almost feel the dragon’s sharp tail piercing through the screen right into your face!

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I am watching the Hulu Selangor by-election closely.


The fight between PKR’s Datuk Zaid Ibrahim and BN’s Kamalanathan is getting intense, with only four days left for campaigning.


It would be interesting to see the sentiments of the people of Hulu Selangor, which may or may not be a reflection of the overall support towards Pakatan Rakyat. The general elections are coming up real soon, maybe in less than two years time, so it would be a platform for Pakatan Rakyat to reassess its position. What makes it more interesting is the fact that all three DUNs under Hulu Selangor are under BN.. but Arwah Datuk Zainal still won, although by a small majority. 


On a personal note, putting aside the politics and regardless of the final outcome of this by-election, I think I learnt one major lesson from this by-election. That it is never a shameful thing to admit your past mistakes, and get on with life. Seriously, despite the fact that it was a big sin, I was quite impressed by the way Datuk Zaid admitted that he used to drink alcohol in the past. Yes, as human beings, we all make mistakes. What is important is for us to admit that we have done it, repent and seek forgiveness from Allah, afterall isn’t Allah the Most Forgiving and the Most Merciful?


Allah has said in Surah Taha, verse 82: “And verily, I am indeed forgiving to him who repents, believes in My oneness, and associates none in worship with Me and does righteous good deeds, and then remains constant in doing them till his death”.


Believe in Allah. Have trust in Him. If you sin, repent and continue doing good deeds. Because Allah is the Most Forgiving! 

How often do I really, really seek forgiveness from Him for all my sins??

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Tagged by Mynie

Sis Mynie tagged me by awarding me this Beautiful Blogger Award. 


Thank you mynie (she described me as ‘berazam nak kurangkan baca buku cerita sebab kena baca buku akademik’ – something that I have still not completely achieved!)… although it means revealing more things about me!


I haven’t done tags for some time… and I have done 7 tags about me so I am not sure if I can find new things to tell… so here goes 7 things about me and my family:


My favourite movie of all time is Pendekar Bujang Lapuk. I would watch this movie again and again especially when I am down – simply to have a good laugh.


I love to travel. But neither my husband nor my kids like traveling. They simply love to stay at home! In fact, my kids even hate going to the shopping mall.


I once had an accident while driving in Melbourne. I was going down a slippery hill, lost my balance, skidded and hit another car. The driver was kind enough not to ask me to pay for it since his car was not too badly damaged. We became friends thereafter.


My husband is four years younger than I am (well, three and a half to be exact) and he was actually my student. (Someone once said to me, ‘selalunya cikgu lelaki kahwin dengan anak murid perempuan, ni terbalik.’ How true!)


My twins are Nur Syakirah and Nur Syahirah. The original intention was to name the first one who came out Nur Syahirah (because H comes before K) but it turned out the other way around.


Once in a while, I still get confused between kakak and adik, especially from the back and especially when they put on their tudungs. And of course, when they get really, really naughty, I always scold the wrong twin!


My husband and I got married on National Day. 31st August 2000. We chose that date because we wanted to avoid forgetting our anniversary and more importantly, tak payah ambil cuti to celebrate our anniversary!


Mynie, cukup tak? :)


I would like to tag my good friend, Capri (a person I find really mysterious) and of course, Famygirl who recently delivered a beautiful baby boy (well, not too recently).

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10 Attributes

Last week, Datuk Syed Zainal Abidin, the Managing Director of PROTON delivered a speech at the closing ceremony of our career week.


He shared with us, what he thought are the 10 most important attributes that one must have in order to be a successful person.


One: Be Open To be successful, you must always be open to change. Learn to accept new ideas and always be willing to learn.


Two: Have Initiatives At work, try as much as possible to volunteer yourself to do things beyond your current scope of work. It is important to remember that no job is bad – whether it is big or small, you will always learn something out of it.


Three: Create Opportunities Be different from others, and you will find that there are opportunities for you to grab. But remember, do not step on other people’s toes!


Four: Patience Life is a journey. There will be failures in life, but do not get disturbed. Learn from the mistake, pick up the pieces and improve. Have patience and do not let your failures distract you from your journey.


Five: Strong Sense of Belief You must always believe in yourself, in your own capability. Therefore, learn what your strengths and weaknesses are. Have a strong conviction in yourself. (He gave the example of Proton and how he believes that Proton is a good car!)


Six: Art of Communication One most important principle in communicating is to understand, i.e. seek first to understand before you seek to be understood. Communicating is a syndication of your thoughts and values, so learn the art of it.


Seven: Seek Knowledge There is a sea of knowledge around you. You learn from your organization, the people around you and most importantly, from your mistakes. In fact, mistakes are the best lessons in life so do not be afraid to make mistakes. He also mentioned that we need to learn from nature – because nature will educate us on adapting and surviving in life. Some will win, and some will lose so learn from that.


Eight: Set Targets Start setting targets early in life. Know what you want in life, set targets that can be achieved in five years and strive towards that. Why? If you know your targets, you do not lose opportunities. Decide now, do you want to be leader or a lagger?


Nine: Be Humble In your struggle to be a better person, stay humble. Being humble will not cost you even a single cent, not even a single sweat! Humility is extremely important because it will open more doors, and people around you will open up – and this, gives an opportunity for you to learn new things!


Ten: Have Faith As Muslims, always remember your iman. Your iman will guide you and remind you that we can plan but only Allah decides. He was reiterating his experience with the Exora and how he and his team performed solat hajat throughout the project because no matter how technically good a car is, only Allah can open up people’s hearts to buy the car!


He also reminded us to always remember our parents. Thank them everyday, because the doa of our parents can open up the doors of rizq. And strive to have a balanced life, and thank your spouse for his or her support. 

To be successful, you must like what you do. Can you imagine having to wake up in the morning and struggle to get to work? Try and enjoy what you do. It does not matter what or how much a company can offer you, but what is important is what you want to achieve in that company.

It was an enlightening session because Datuk Syed Zainal Abidin is indeed, an eloquent speaker.  

Thank you Datuk, for your thoughts and insights, and for motivating us to strive for excellence.

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