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A Short Break

Today is the last day of May. 


Lately, I have been feeling lethargic. Tired. Exhausted. There are so many things to do, in so little time. Work has been increasingly demanding for the past two weeks and I seem to forget that I am still struggling with my studies. At the rate I am going at the moment, I think I need at least another 3 years to complete. And… that is IF I complete because right now, I am still unable to see the light at the end of this journey. I keep telling myself that this increased pressure at work is only temporary, since we are in a midst of a huge project now. It should be over in two weeks time. I hope by then, I would be able to redirect my energy and focus towards other things in life.


My husband was kind enough to suggest that we take a short break over the long weekend because he felt that I needed some rest. Plus, I am unable to take leave from work during the upcoming school holidays (because of that project) and we wanted to spend some time with the kids. So, we took the kids to… whereas… but Cameron Highlands!


Dekat. Mudah. Menarik.


I had a good rest. And so did the kids and my husband.


I managed to complete two novels that I have wanted to read for so long.


One thing I realize is that the prices of the fruits and vegetables are extremely expensive now compared to some few years back. And to think that we drive all the way up there just to get them cheaper and fresher.


And of course, having tea at the Cameron Valley Tea Shop (there are actually three of them and we went to all three!) is an activity we would never miss doing whilst in Cameron Highlands!



I wished I could stay longer but two days was just nice. 

I feel refreshed, calmer and stronger, and all ready to work hard for the next two weeks!


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DAP wins!


Source: The Malaysian Insider


I waited until almost 11.00 p.m. to hear the official announcement of the Sibu by-election results.



It was quite a surprise win for DAP because Sibu has always been a BN stronghold for the past 50 years. Although the margin is small (398 votes), the number of spoilt votes was almost as high. Pelik.



By 9.00 p.m., when there was no official announcement yet, I had a feeling that BN had lost. That is the trend, and I am sure a lot of people notice this. If BN won, the announcement would have been done quite early, maybe as early as 8.00 p.m. but if it was otherwise, the announcement would be made very late!



The new MP of Sibu, Wong Ho Leng, when asked by the reporters about what this victory means, he had a simple answer – “Sarawak is ready for change”.



Truth is, the entire country is not only ready for change; we are yearning for a better Malaysia but whether Malaysians dare to take that big step in the next general elections to make the change is what matters most now.



Congratulations to the people of Sibu!


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After much discussion, we decided to send the kids for swimming lessons.

My boss introduced me to the instructor(s) – there is actually two of them, a male and a female – and the classes run on Sundays from 9.00 till 10.30 at Ipoh’s Public Swimming Pool.

I was quite surprised because both of them were a bit hesitant to go for the classes – takut mati lemas lah, takut cikgu garang lah – all kinds of reasons. So we reassured them, and told them that everything will be alright.

And just as expected. Within 10 minutes, they were already enjoying themselves and laughing at each other because the instructor was teaching them how to properly breathe in the water.

After some time, mom and I felt hungry so we decided to join dad and husband, who were enjoying themselves over breakfast across the road with my boss’ husband. We came back slightly after 10.30 and by the time we got to the pool, kakak was already crying while my boss’ husband was trying to console her. Kakak got really upset because we left although earlier, she said “takpe mak, pergilah makan.. “

It took me some time to console her, but all in all, I am glad they had fun and they are now looking forward to next Sunday!.

Once in awhile, when I really think about my kids’ behavior, I cannot help but agree with the opinion that the first twin that comes out is actually the adik. Orang tua-tua kata kakak mengalah, so kakak would let adik come out first. Syakirah, who came out one minute before Syahirah – is a typical adik – who would cry for no reason, always wanting to be hugged, and consoled, and kissed – manja! But Syahirah, who is the younger twin by birth – is much more independent and matured. Maybe, it is true that Syahirah is the kakak!.

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One of the magic rules of communication is to be a good listener.


Basically, you have to actually listen to what the other person is saying to you. Listen, and digest. Pay attention. Even if you do not understand what the other person is trying to say, pretend as if you do. And if possible, try and summarize or repeat, in your own words, what you have understood from his words.


Seek first to understand, then to be understood – that is Habit No 5 according to Covey in his famous “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” book.


Have empathy.


But then again, listening to the same person again and again is not an easy thing to do. Some people just like to talk and talk and talk… non-stop… on and on… on and on…


Once in awhile, I do get tired… and bored, of course. Especially when the topic is something that has got nothing to do with me. Plus, it is something that I can never be interested in (e.g. why this football team won… like, who cares?). It gets even worse when the other person tries to be philosophical and you just don’t have a clue on what the topic is all about. And the worst part is that, when you hint that the person needs to stop, that person ignores the sign (or pretends to ignore, I am not too sure).


Please, have empathy on me. 

I can listen, but I too, have limitations! I need some space!

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