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DAP wins!


Source: The Malaysian Insider


I waited until almost 11.00 p.m. to hear the official announcement of the Sibu by-election results.



It was quite a surprise win for DAP because Sibu has always been a BN stronghold for the past 50 years. Although the margin is small (398 votes), the number of spoilt votes was almost as high. Pelik.



By 9.00 p.m., when there was no official announcement yet, I had a feeling that BN had lost. That is the trend, and I am sure a lot of people notice this. If BN won, the announcement would have been done quite early, maybe as early as 8.00 p.m. but if it was otherwise, the announcement would be made very late!



The new MP of Sibu, Wong Ho Leng, when asked by the reporters about what this victory means, he had a simple answer – “Sarawak is ready for change”.



Truth is, the entire country is not only ready for change; we are yearning for a better Malaysia but whether Malaysians dare to take that big step in the next general elections to make the change is what matters most now.



Congratulations to the people of Sibu!



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Datuk Zaid lost

And so it is official that Datuk Zaid Ibrahim lost the by-election by 1725 votes.


Even though this did not come as a surprise to me, considering that all three DUNs under Hulu Selangor belong to BN, I still find it sad that we could not send to Parliament someone as charismatic as him.


On the other hand, I guess this comes as a wake-up call for Pakatan Rakyat to polish up its services and strengthen its policies, considering how close the next general election is.


Nevertheless, I hope that Datuk Zaid would continue to fight for the people. This is just the beginning, insya Allah.

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I was bloghopping just now, and read an entry about Khalifah Umar Al Khattab here.


 The author was relating a story about how Khalifah Umar used to drink alcoholic drinks (arak) before he became a Muslim. And we all know the famous story about how Khalifah Umar buried his newborn daughter alive during jahilliyah times.


I find it quite interesting the way he hopes Zaid Ibrahim will follow the footsteps of Khalifah Umar – and reform himself to be a better person. Because when Khalifah Umar declared his syahadah, he completely became a new person – an extremely pious and God-fearing man. When he became the khalifah, he made so many changes and reformed the Islamic world. And Allah accepted his repentance because Khalifah Umar is one of Rasulullah’s sahabahs who has been promised Jannah. And he used to be an alcoholic!!!


Seriously, I think that the character assassination attempt by BN (i.e. by portraying the doctored photo of Zaid drinking a bottle of beer) has done more good to Zaid than damage his reputation! I should thank UMNO for this because people are now more openly admitting that they know our UMNO ‘leaders’ drink and gamble!



Anyway, we took the kids to watch How To Train Your Dragon in 3D last Sunday night. No, not in Ipoh of course, but in Midvalley KL since I was on official duties last weekend – 3D is still alien to the people living in Ipoh!


Not only were the kids excited, so were we! 

It was a cute story. It was worth paying RM56 for the tickets – RM17 for adults and RM11 for kids because the 3D effect was just fantastic. You could almost feel the dragon’s sharp tail piercing through the screen right into your face!

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It was a day that every Perakian has been waiting for.


The first day of the DUN sitting – after Datuk Seri Ir Nizar was officially stripped off his title as the rightful Perak Menteri Besar by the highest court of the land – was to take place yesterday.


They had promised to be professional, and to fully respect the court’s decision.


And that was what they did.


Therefore, I would like to extend my heartiest congratulations to the 29 assemblymen from PR Perak for their professionalism.


Even though they were treated as if they were criminals.


Imagine this…

… The number of policemen and other unwanted persons were more than the assemblymen.

… The PR assemblymen were required to undergo stringent security checks before they enter the Dewan.

… They were stopped twice; once at the gate, and again at the door.

… They were instructed to use a different lift from that of the BN assemblymen.

… They had so many issues to raise, but the 3-day sitting was reduced to 2.

… The media was denied entry into the Dewan, and could only watch the sitting from an enclosure one floor above.

… The speakers were turned off when discussions became intense.


Nevertheless, they persevered and tried their ultimate best to ensure that the voices of the Perakians are heard in the Dewan.


Congratulations, Datuk Seri Ir Nizar and team.


The sitting will continue today. May Allah grant the team patience and determination.

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We finally met him again after such a long time.


Datuk Seri Ir Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin was present at the Majlis Ramah Mesra and Minum Petang bersama ahli dan penyokong PAS Veteran Kawasan Tambun organized by PAS Tambun at Padang Taman Meru 2B on Sunday, 28 March 2010.


Also present were the leadership of PAS Tambun including Ustaz Wan Tarmizi, Dr Khairuddin, Ahmad Khair Faizal and Tuan Haji Asmuni.



This was a closed event for PAS members and approximately 500 turned up. It was good to get updates from the man himself and Datuk Seri managed to walk around to greet each and everyone of us.



And of course, the twins did not miss their chance (again!) to have their photo with our beloved Menteri Besar Rakyat!

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9 February was indeed, a sad day for me. I was emotionally drained.


It was a sad day for Malaysia as a country for democracy has truly died. It was also a sad day for our national oil and gas corporation as it was Tan Sri Hassan’s last day as the CEO and President.


I first received the news that the Federal Court unanimously decided that Zambry remains MB at around 11.30 a.m., while I was on the way to Kuala Lumpur. Even though I had expected that he would win, I still felt that there was hope.


But it was a unanimous decision. 5 – 0! That was something really unexpected. Shocking. Didn’t any of them have slightly opposing views? Could it be that the judges did not have the courage to declare that their former Lord President’s action was erroneous?


Putting aside my sentiments as a member of PAS and a strong supporter of Pakatan Rakyat, I am more worried about the implications of that decision – it was a Federal Court decision!


The discussion that has been going around centers around the fact that Malaysia is moving towards an absolute monarchy. Does this mean that any Sultan whose State Constitution is similar to that of Perak’s can call their ADUNs over for a cup of tea, ask them if they are happy with their current MB, and if majority does not, the MB can be removed the next day? I guess if that is the case, elections are not important anymore! I am waiting for the full judgment to really understand what their reasons are.


But I am also glad that Pakatan Rakyat has accepted the decision quite bravely. Like it or not, we still have to work hard for the next general elections, which does not seem too far away. We need to put aside this battle for awhile, and concentrate on winning the war!


Anyway, I spent the rest of the day in Kuala Lumpur trying to control my emotions, and trying to hide my tears. Surprisingly, I did not shed any tears over the Federal Court’s decision but I lost it when I met Tan Sri and Puan Sri over lunch. Actually, I consider myself fortunate to be able to say goodbye to Tan Sri and Puan Sri in person; I even decided to stay on after my meeting to join the crowd to bid farewell to Tan Sri and Puan Sri.  


And that was emotionally draining. I think almost half of the Twin Towers’ occupants came down to say thank you for all that he has done for the company. People were clapping, shouting his name, screaming “I Love You Tan Sri”, singing the company’s song… and I saw so many people wiping their tears when he walked past them. Tan Sri kept on saying Thank You to everyone. It was just so depressing. I waited until his car left the Twin Towers, which was around 6.30 p.m. and got home at nearly 9.00 p.m.


Tan Sri’s Thank You note a day earlier to all the employees was talked about the whole day. I am glad I downloaded a copy because I couldn’t control my tears after reading it. He has done so much for the company, for the nation. His values should be emulated by each and every one of us.


He is the icon of the company and will remain in our hearts forever. Thank you, Tan Sri. You will be greatly missed!

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Today is the 9th of February 2010.


Within a few hours, the judges of the Federal Court are about to announce their decision on one of the most controversial cases this decade: Nizar vs. Zambry.


For the past few weeks, PAS has been conducting roadshows and organizing solat hajat, whilst BN uses the media extensively to portray how good the Zambry government is, despite it being an illegitimate government to the eyes of most people.


Although the judges would have already made their decision by the time I am writing this, I still pray that they make the right decision. Not to please anyone, but to uphold justice and democracy in this country.


Regardless, if Nizar is declared the rightful Chief Minister of Perak, I hope the Sultan would be agreeable to dissolve the Perak DUN. Otherwise, if Zambry wins, this struggle would definitely go on. Most importantly, Pakatan Rakyat needs to work harder to ensure that we get Perak back the next elections, and to prove that it is a viable alternative to BN.


And to Datuk Seri Nizar, whatever the decision is, you will forever be my Ameer! 


Meanwhile, the whole world is watching Anwar Ibrahim’s Sodomy II trial which started last week. I wish the media would be more careful in saying things in the news – I fear that our children are listening to things they are not supposed to know at that age! I follow the trial quite closely, thanks to twitter, but to me, none of it makes sense. And of course, the trial is so obviously unfair to Anwar’s team – a trial without access to key documents????


But I will always remember what one of my good friends said to me, “It is okay. You don’t have to be too worried about the whole case. This is only justice in this world. When we all arrive in front of Allah, that is when true justice would be upheld!”


And I shiver at the thought of my past sins being played on the big screen too!

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