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I haven’t updated this blog for nearly two weeks.

Not only that… I haven’t even had time to visit other blogs. And I haven’t read the Malaysian Insider for the past two weeks – which is one of my favourite sources of independent news.


Two weeks of hardwork and the D-day will be in two days time. We will be leaving for KL tonight, and I should be back on Tuesday night although the actual Congress will only end Thursday.


One year of planning but there are still some last minute items unsettled (which have finally settled yesterday), so hopefully, things will go smoothly, as planned.


I actually have so much to say. There are so many things and issues on my mind.


I wanted to say how extremely angry I was when I read about how the Mavi Marmara incident. To make it worse, one of the twelve victims is a personal friend of mine. Such atrocity! Such violence! Such cruelty! And yet the West claims that Muslims are terrorists!!! It was just a humanitarian aid, not a military troop! Laknat Allah ke atas bangsa Yahudi!!!! The struggle to save Gaza will continue indefinitely.


I wanted to congratulate Astro Oasis for introducing the Imam Muda reality show and how much I enjoy watching the young chaps trying to do their best for the specific tasks assigned to them. But I also wanted to tell Astro that they should be more sensitive towards their viewers because Akademi Al Quran (of which I am a huge fan) is also aired on the same day and at the same time! Marah betul rasanya! Do they seriously expect us to choose either one? Dah lah tak banyak on TV, and yet they want to fight for the same viewers. I think it would be advisable if either one could be shown on Thursday night. Right now, the remote is in my hand throughout the one hour so that we could switch channel every 5 – 10 minutes.


PAS is currently having their 56th Muktamar at PUTIK Kelantan. I haven’t had time to read the updates, but I will make a point to do so next week. I hope that the delegates will make thoughtful resolutions with regards to the current issues (especially on APCO and Palestine) and I wish them all, Selamat Bermuktamar.

Pray that I stay calm and composed.


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Tagged by Mynie

Sis Mynie tagged me by awarding me this Beautiful Blogger Award. 


Thank you mynie (she described me as ‘berazam nak kurangkan baca buku cerita sebab kena baca buku akademik’ – something that I have still not completely achieved!)… although it means revealing more things about me!


I haven’t done tags for some time… and I have done 7 tags about me so I am not sure if I can find new things to tell… so here goes 7 things about me and my family:


My favourite movie of all time is Pendekar Bujang Lapuk. I would watch this movie again and again especially when I am down – simply to have a good laugh.


I love to travel. But neither my husband nor my kids like traveling. They simply love to stay at home! In fact, my kids even hate going to the shopping mall.


I once had an accident while driving in Melbourne. I was going down a slippery hill, lost my balance, skidded and hit another car. The driver was kind enough not to ask me to pay for it since his car was not too badly damaged. We became friends thereafter.


My husband is four years younger than I am (well, three and a half to be exact) and he was actually my student. (Someone once said to me, ‘selalunya cikgu lelaki kahwin dengan anak murid perempuan, ni terbalik.’ How true!)


My twins are Nur Syakirah and Nur Syahirah. The original intention was to name the first one who came out Nur Syahirah (because H comes before K) but it turned out the other way around.


Once in a while, I still get confused between kakak and adik, especially from the back and especially when they put on their tudungs. And of course, when they get really, really naughty, I always scold the wrong twin!


My husband and I got married on National Day. 31st August 2000. We chose that date because we wanted to avoid forgetting our anniversary and more importantly, tak payah ambil cuti to celebrate our anniversary!


Mynie, cukup tak? :)


I would like to tag my good friend, Capri (a person I find really mysterious) and of course, Famygirl who recently delivered a beautiful baby boy (well, not too recently).

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It has been almost three weeks since I let you go.


10 March 2010, to be precise.


It took me some time to get over you since you have been my most loyal companion for the past six years. You have never caused me any difficulties… instead you made life a lot easier for me and my family.


It is not that I don’t love you, but life has to go on. But I will cherish all that we have been through for the past six years.


Thank you for being part of me and my family, and for always being there for me. I will miss you terribly.



To Mr. A, welcome and I hope you will enjoy being part of the family!

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Too Late!

I read in disgust how Syafia Humaira was brutally murdered by her mom’s ex-boyfriend.


Apparently, she was hit and kicked by the ex-boyfriend in the middle of the field!


The full story is available here.


Anyway, a few things that just do not make sense:


·          Syafia is three years old.

·          Nurhanim and the suspect, her ex-boyfriend have been living together as husband and wife for six years.

·          Nurhanim is still married to her husband who has been in jail since 2006 (that is four years already).

·          Nurhanim and the ex-boyfriend have another child out of wedlock.


And now she is saying that “I can’t live without my Syafia”?


Too late!

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We attended the wedding of Zaid and Aminah last Saturday.


Zaid is Tuan Haji Asmuni Awi’s eldest son who is currently pursuing his MBBS. He has another two sons, Fitri, a lawyer; and Hafiz, who goes to the same school with my children.


Tuan Haji Asmuni is a famous lawyer in Ipoh, and he also holds a very high position in PAS.


It was a grand wedding indeed, and the food was good (ada kari kambing!)


To Zaid and Aminah, Semoga dikurniakan rumahtangga yang bahagia dan dikurniakan zuriat yang soleh dan solehah, dan semoga kekal hingga ke syurga.




Meanwhile, on Sunday, we finally celebrated Abang’s 32nd birthday. We had earlier celebrated Mom’s 65th birthday, which happens to be on the same day as Abang’s i.e. 19 January but Abang was working on the night shift that week. So on Sunday, I took Abang and the kids out for lunch at Restoran Simpang Tiga, a new eating place in Ipoh. The food was good, though a bit on the high side. And we later bought a cake and mom came over to cut the cake with Abang. Happy birthday Mak, happy birthday Abang.


By the way, last week, upon returning home, we came across a huge, beautiful butterfly (which could also be a kupu-kupu… I am not too sure), but the kids got so excited about it!

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Hiring a Maid

We have finally decided to hire an Indonesian maid.


It was one of the biggest decisions that I had to make, considering the so many unfavorable stories about foreign workers in this country plus my own not-so-pleasant experience with the earlier maid (the one and only I have ever had).


My justifications are these: the PhD load is getting heavier, my kids will start schooling in two weeks time and my office workload seems to be increasing by the day. My parents are getting older and they are not as strong as they were 5 years ago, and it always makes me feel guilty when I think about how much I depend on my parents. Plus, I just cannot handle the household chores anymore. My husband used to be of great help, but his office workload is really bad now plus the 12-hour shift for six days, it is just unfair for me to ask him to help out.


I did think of hiring a weekend maid who comes in on Saturdays to iron the clothes and clean the house. But then again, I still have to perform majority of the housework. Plus, rather than pay a smaller amount of money but get only 20% of the work done, we have decided that we’d rather pay more and get the house in order.


 I hope we have made the right decision.

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Salam Aidiladha

Salam Aidiladha.

This year, Pakatan Rakyat Kawasan Tambun held its Qurban on Saturday, 28 November 2009. 18 ekor lembu dikorbankan, and the event was held at Tuan Haji Asmuni’s house in Meru Heights.

The guest of honor was supposed to be MB Nizar, but he had to be somewhere else. Mustaffa Kamil Ayob, Dr Khairuddin and a few ADUNs from DAP came including Wong Kar Woh. The qurban was done quite systematically and all 18 were completed by lunch time. Anyway, I am praying that the invitation card from Allah will come by soon.. insya Allah. 2010, maybe?

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