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I received sad news that Hajjah Asmah Tukiran, or more fondly known as Cikgu Umi, passed away at around 3.15 p.m. Saturday, 15 January 2011.

Cikgu Umi, who taught at PASTI Taman Meru since its very beginning almost 25 years ago, also taught my children between 2008 – 2009.


We arrived at her house just ten minutes after her jenazah was brought home from Pantai Putri Hospital. None of us could contain our tears, especially when we are reminded of her humbleness… how she was always full of love, and how she would speak to everyone in such a gentle manner.


I felt even more miserable when I keep remembering how the twins were talking about how much they missed Cikgu Umi early this year. It was just about two or three weeks ago when kakak said to me, “Mak, kakak dah lama tak jumpa Cikgu Umi. Nanti kita pergi jumpa Cikgu Umi lah.” Of course, we never made an effort to visit her.


May Allah bless Cikgu Umi’s soul and I pray that Allah grant her jannah for teaching and nurturing all her students with the love for Allah, Rasul and the religion. I will miss her terribly.


Al Fatihah…


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6 Months ++

Sometime ago, someone commented to me: “Blog you dah ada sawang..”

Yeah. Bukan sahaja sawang. Habuk. Debu. Dan segala macam benda. Maklumlah, dah kena tinggal 6 bulan lebih.

Anyway, after my last entry on “being at a crossroad”, I had taken some time to reevaluate my life, rethink about my ambitions and try, as much as possible, to reinforce my values and principles in life.

Indeed, it felt like a tumultuous 6 months… but Alhamdulillah, I am back on my feet again and ready to fact this new year with more energy and drive… insya Allah.

Let me try and summarize things and give a glance of some of the events that have happened the past six months in the next few paragraphs.

And of course, I will start with the good things first.

I traveled quite a bit over the past six months… both for work and leisure… which I haven’t done for a very, very long time.

We went to Penang twice for short breaks; once in July and again in December. I simply love Penang because of the beautiful beaches and the food, no doubt.

We celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary on 31st of August 2010… but it was Ramadhan so we went to Damai Laut and had a wonderful iftar with the kids. Later, after the hectic schedule in October, we went to Bali for a 5-day break, and this time we left the kids with Opah and Atuk. It was a fantastic holiday. On the first day, we hired a tour guide to take us around but we decided to be adventurous, rented a motorbike on the 3rd and 4th day and practically had so much fun riding around the island!

I was in Turkey (specifically Ankara and Istanbul) on a business trip early November for a week. And of course, I did not miss the chance to perform my Zuhur prayer at the majestic Blue Mosque. Beautiful indeed… but of course, nothing compares to Masjidil Haram and Masjid Nabawi (am going to resubmit my appeal to go to haj this year… semoga Allah kirimkan kad jemputan Nya untuk kami tahun ini… amin)..

And on the last week of December, I took the whole family to Sungai Besar (there is a nice resort by the sea called DMuara Resort which was recommended by my office colleague) for a fishing trip. Not me of course, by dad and abang… which did not turn out to be so good in the end because dad was bitten by the ikan sembilang that he caught and we had to rush him to the nearest clinic in the middle of the night!

Another thing… before I forget… I also attended the Malaysian Law Conference late July in Kuala Lumpur where Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was the speaker for the closing session. And of course, he never fails to deliver the message with conviction and passion. You could see how much he is adored by the whole lot of lawyers in the auditorium! And on the way back to Ipoh after the conference, we met Asyraf, who just won the Imam Muda title the night before… and although the kids got so excited to meet him, they were embarrassed because they had forgotten to put on their tudung!

The twins did quite well at school. During the final examination, kakak got first place in class and second overall; whilst adik got fourth in class and seventh overall. But during the Ihtifal, although adik appeared calm and ‘redha’ that she is not going to get a prize on stage, she broke down when kakak went up to get her prize – in the middle of the school hall!!!

Alhamdulillah, I can never be thankful enough to Allah for all his blessings.

Now, some of the not-so-nice things that happened.

My house was broken into twice within these six months – once in October, and again in November (while I was in Turkey). The culprits took away the microwave oven, DVD player, mp3 player, my husband’s watch (that I gave him for our anniversary) and a few other things. I don’t really keep any valuables in the house… so I don’t really know what they are looking for. We had changed the sliding door into windows but after the second incident, we replaced the window with a wall! And we finally decided to install the alarm system – at least as prevention. Usaha, and tawakal.

Mom had to undergo another operation in November. Remember how she went for the first operation in February to remove her womb? Well, apparently, the internal wound was not properly sealed by the doctor (I guess it was a technical mistake) resulting in a small opening at the end of the wound. Her intestines could penetrate through that small hole bit by bit, causing a bulge or swelling on the right side of her stomach. So she had to undergo another operation, this time a minor one, to patch up that wound and get things back to normal. This time, we decided to do it at the private hospital where my brother has a clinic and alhamdulillah, she has recovered fully and is doing very well now.

And I got promoted to a higher position in September… which I don’t really feel that I deserve + I am not mentally prepared for it as I am still learning to juggle between my work and my family (not forgetting my studies!). But then again, saying ‘no’ would mean that I am not ready to take up the challenge. I have been under probation and will complete the period this February. So, again, usaha and tawakal.

My studies is still going really slow, but although my supervisor is not too happy at the rate I am going, but he is glad that I am on the right track. I need all the motivation in the world!

Alhamdulillah, I am again thankful to Allah for all that has happened… for there is always a reason behind all that.

Did I sufficiently justify myself for not updating An Ipoh Mom’s blog?

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After much discussion, we decided to send the kids for swimming lessons.

My boss introduced me to the instructor(s) – there is actually two of them, a male and a female – and the classes run on Sundays from 9.00 till 10.30 at Ipoh’s Public Swimming Pool.

I was quite surprised because both of them were a bit hesitant to go for the classes – takut mati lemas lah, takut cikgu garang lah – all kinds of reasons. So we reassured them, and told them that everything will be alright.

And just as expected. Within 10 minutes, they were already enjoying themselves and laughing at each other because the instructor was teaching them how to properly breathe in the water.

After some time, mom and I felt hungry so we decided to join dad and husband, who were enjoying themselves over breakfast across the road with my boss’ husband. We came back slightly after 10.30 and by the time we got to the pool, kakak was already crying while my boss’ husband was trying to console her. Kakak got really upset because we left although earlier, she said “takpe mak, pergilah makan.. “

It took me some time to console her, but all in all, I am glad they had fun and they are now looking forward to next Sunday!.

Once in awhile, when I really think about my kids’ behavior, I cannot help but agree with the opinion that the first twin that comes out is actually the adik. Orang tua-tua kata kakak mengalah, so kakak would let adik come out first. Syakirah, who came out one minute before Syahirah – is a typical adik – who would cry for no reason, always wanting to be hugged, and consoled, and kissed – manja! But Syahirah, who is the younger twin by birth – is much more independent and matured. Maybe, it is true that Syahirah is the kakak!.

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My tears are flowing even as I am writing this down.


I have nothing else to say, except, it is all in the hands of Allah. Therefore, there must be a blessing somewhere.


On Thursday night, I was at the MB’s place with more than 2000 supporters. The spirit is still there. The support is amazing. People from all walks of life were there. Malays, Chinese, Indians – they were together, as a team trying desperately to defend the government that they voted for. In fact, when we first arrived, one group of Chinese guys were calling everyone to join the support. It was such an amazing sight, and it does not happen in Barisan Nasional.


However, at the Ubudiah Mosque in Kuala Kangsar yesterday, it was reported that the FRUs fired the tear gas – which I think was a bit too much. Dahl ah tak solat Jumaat, tambah dosa lagi menyiksa orang awam.


I just don’t understand why some people are so desperate for power. Do they think that they are the only ones who can lead a state? What makes them think that they are so superior than others?


They claim that they have administered the state for the past 50 years. Yes, they have done a lot of development (which is their responsibility anyway) but they have also done a lot of mistakes. Where have they put Quran and Sunnah for the past 50 years? On the top of their cupboards? Or on the walls as decoration? What about the religion? All I know is that they have created a new religion called Islam Hadhari. The social problems in Malaysia is just out of control now. And they claim that they are the ones who can run the country properly?


And some of my colleagues, who are highly educated seem to believe that all this while, UMNO is the one who actually gave them all the benefits – scholarships, nice highways, sufficient electricity, clean water – but isn’t that what the government is supposed to do? Even if PAS had ruled the country for the past 50 years, they would have done the same thing, or even better maybe. Do they seriously think that if PAS or DAP had ruled, there would be no roads, and everyone would be using ‘lampu pelita’ and drinking water from the rivers? S.t.u.p.i.d!


And I was so angry over the statement of the Perak Mufti. Seriously, may Allah grant him forgiveness for equating the Sultan to ‘bayangan Tuhan’. Now I know why I have never trusted him… since forever.


Even worse, the Sultan’s decision to me, was constitutionally wrong. I used to look up at him for being one of the most learned judges and I used to read his decisions in law school. But now, everything has changed. If you read what Maverick has to say in his “Cakap Tak Serupa Bikin” blog, I could not agree more. We should have a by-election!


But, Allah knows it all. He is the best Planner afterall.


To my dear Amirul Mukminin Ir. Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin, you are still my leader and the leader of the Perakians. You are still our Menteri Besar, and we pledge our alliance to you.


Insya Allah, the truth will prevail; if not in this world, in front of Allah, at Mahsyar, when all our deeds are played on the big screen like a movie, exactly like what the UMNO people are doing at the moment.


Insya Allah, they are laughing at us now, but insya Allah, we will be laughing at them in the akhirat.


6 February 2009 – a history was made – democracy has died.

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