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I wonder…

Is there light at the end of this journey????????


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The price of petrol has gone up again. This time, not 5 or 10 cents, but it is 30 cents. Within one week, the price of every good in every shop on every street in every town will increase as well. My Unser now need more than $100 for a full tank. And if I drive to work everyday, that full tank can only last me 4 days. Can you imagine? It’s a good thing I car pool with my husband now, so the cost is not that bad as his Satria requires half of what I spend on petrol. This is so stressful.

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Photos to Share

The city of Addis Ababa

Merkato – the biggest open market in Africa

View of the highlands

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How can you tell if a person is a hypocrite?

I have wanted to tell people, especially those close to me about this, but I am so afraid of the outcome. But it has been hanging in my head for so long, that I don’t feel I can keep up with it anymore..

A few weeks ago, I was in close contact with one of my colleagues. We had to do a project together. And over that short period of time, we worked very closely. You see, this person is well known by others as a person who is “islamically” inclined. What I mean is that he is always reading the Holy Quran, always saying Allah’s name, always praying at the mosque.. and his friends are all imaams and sheikhs from all over the world. I respect him very much.. and would never imagine him being “another” person.. until he began to show his true colours.

On this particular day, he did something that I completely did not expect.. It came as a very, very big surprise to me. It may look ‘nothing’ to the eyes of others… But to me, it is a big, sinful thing. And I hated it. I hated him for it. And I hate him so much now.

I have lost respect of him from that point onwards. And I pray that Allah protects me from being in contact with him again.

And I pray that he realizes what he has done.. and that he repents from it.

Am I wrong in labeling him a ‘hypocrite’?

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My Car

I have been driving a Toyota Unser for the past 10 months.

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It is a great car, and is very comfortable too. Especially when I bring all of them with me… mom, dad, husband, kids. If husband is around, he’d drive the car otherwise, I would. But, the fuel consumption is very uneconomical. So far for 35 litres of petrol, would only get me 350 kms. Which is not much compared to my old car, the Proton Wira. But I guess, since I use it for the family, it is justifiable. And the service at Toyota has been wonderful.

Yesterday though, my friend went to the showroom to have a look at the Unser but the salesman told him that they have stopped producing Unsers and they are going to replace it with a new car!! That is not good news to me. Not after I had just bought the car in June 2004.

What is even worse is if this new car is going to look nicer.. Darn!

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Everyone would have heard about it by now. The earthquake is Sumatra to me, is a sign of warning from Him. Of course, my heart goes out to those who are badly affected by the earthquake, and Al Fatihah to all my brothers and sisters who have lost their lives. But.. life is a test.. so, I pray that Allah grant them strength to go through this turmoil. It is always easier said than done though..

Allah.. grant us forgiveness….

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I feel so stressed. I have always tried to deny the fact that I have a major weight problem. This is especially so after the birth of my twin girls. I can’t seem to stop growing. Mum just had to say it.. she suspected that I was pregnant with my third child because I was gaining more weight each day! That scared me.. Allah.. please.. it’s not that I don’t want more kids.. It’s just I need some time to rest. Insya Allah, when the time arrives, I will want to try to have two more… but my twin girls still need my full love and attention. I can’t even spend a whole day with them unless during the weekend.. how can I divide my attention to another one? Allah.. I better go for a checkup tomorrow so that I feel better.Anyway, the trip to Penang was enjoyable. My other half was with me thus.. it was more than enjoyable. The event that I had to attend to was useful. Met a few new friends.. and surprise, surprise! I met an old colleague whom I last saw in 1998 (she happened to be my other half’s ex-teacher!) Small world!! Despite the event being held at a four-star hotel, the service was damned bad! A few of us came out late for lunch and there were no seats left in the dining room where we were supposed to have lunch. Of course, being a good hotel, one of the Banquet Executives decided to let us into another room (which was supposedly for another group) – and in less than ten minutes, we were asked to leave by another guy from the same Department. I was so pissed off – the organizer from the other group made things worse. He was yelling into his handphone complaining about us who apparently have taken his group’s room. What an experience!

I learnt a lesson today. Do not lose your temper in front of the public!!

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